Beauty of Burnett Heads opened to festival fans

Lighthouse Rock is welcoming great Australian musicians including (left) Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes.

By Angela Norval

Having stood behind the bar and heard many a set of live music, while also sharing a tale or two with a regular or visitor to the area, what the region wants is like second nature to Gavin Hales.

But the decision to take the chance and begin the company Lighthouse Presents and ultimately organise Lighthouse Rock was about so much more.

“There is nothing like the opportunity to know you are bringing some pretty darn good entertainment from some of Australia’s music legends direct to your home town of Burnett Heads,” he said.

“Not only that we have the chance to let the rest of the country know and encourage them to come and see for themselves the beauty and welcome atmosphere of the area for themselves.

“This is an area that has so much to be proud of and with the introduction of Lighthouse Rock in October, it is about to get even better.”

Since the news was revealed earlier this year, Gavin and his Lighthouse Presents team have been working behind the scenes making sure every aspect of the event is covered from food vans to transport.

Showing respect for those who have a special connection to the land of the Burnett Region and attention to detail, Gavin has also invited local elders to come and bless the site before the event begins and will be erecting a small marquee for them to sit in the shade and enjoy the show from.

One particular organisation that has been celebrating the announcement and which also does some incredible work behind the scenes is the Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

For Great Barrier Reef Legacy managing director Dean Miller having no government funding for his project working to save the living biodiversity of coral on the Great Barrier Reef through the Living Coral Biobank Project; it is support from Lighthouse Rock and the Australian public that helps make it possible.

“It is something as simple as a $1 contribution when people purchase their tickets that helps make this valuable project possible and allow us to continue collecting Great Barrier Reef coral and species and work towards a positive future,” Dean said.

“Add to that they get to hear live music from an incredible line-up of Australian music icons.”

For many visitors to Burnett Heads on Saturday 15 October, it will be a case of which artist do they want to see more considering the choices include Jimmy Barnes, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss, Choirboys, Swanee, Abby Skye, Jackson Dunn and the soon to be revealed Triple M Battle of the Bands winner, meaning there is plenty of variety and especially great new and old favourites.

Bundaberg Tourism CEO Katherine Reid said destination events like Lighthouse Rock can generate enormous economic and social value for the local communities they occur in, while bringing people together for unforgettable experiences.

“Whether they are sport, arts and culture, food and drink, music and festivals or business events; each event is an opportunity to celebrate the story of the Bundaberg region and aid in promoting our little slice of paradise to the world,” she said.

“The value of events like Lighthouse Rock is to not only create an evening of fantastic live music for locals, but to also encourage visitors to travel into the region, giving them an added reason to come and explore, stay and play.

“This then gives a boost to our regional economy, as visitors spend money local businesses, and hopefully have such a fabulous time – they tell all of their friends about it and come back for more next time.

“We are looking forward to seeing what Gavin and the Lighthouse Presents team delivers for the inaugural Lighthouse Rock event as we work with the team to promote the event, driving destination awareness and visitor expenditure for the region.”

As the months tick by and anticipation builds, for Gavin he just can’t wait until that stage is lit up and the first chord is struck and he knows that what was a dream is an entertaining reality that so many can enjoy.

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