Show moves with the times

Ross Nutt, chief steward, Woodworking Section 34 enjoys showcasing the incredible woodwork creations at the show.

Introducing: Ross Nutt, chief steward, Woodworking Section 34.

I have been involved with the Show Society for 12 or 13 years as a competitor in Section 34 Wood Working.

For the first three years I was successful winning second and third prizes for wood turning and trinket boxes.

Then I joined the Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild and I have received numerous competition prizes including Champion Wood Turner and other championships since.

I began working at the show doing demonstrations at the Woodworking Section nine years ago. For the last seven years I have taken annual leave and worked as a steward, the last three as a chief steward.

I try as chief steward to do the best that can be done and it is good to see new competitors who enter exhibits for the first time.

It is not only three days at the show, but the planning that starts well before.

I really enjoy the job when it all goes well.

I have a small band of volunteers who make my job a lot easier organising all the exhibits for the show.

The woodworker’s guild have been the organising body for Section 34 of the Bundaberg Show for a considerable period of time.

I feel that the Bundaberg Show Society has moved with the times thus keeping pace with what the public wants.

The current management committee of the Bundaberg Show has a progressive attitude to change when necessary to keep pace with the current times.

The committee are prepared to listen to the stewards who ultimately run that specific section of the show.

This makes it a lot easier to do the job and more enjoyable for all concerned.

It is just so much easier this year with the lifting of the Covid requirements where now everyone can come and enjoy the Bundaberg Show.

We are all looking forward to presenting our sections to the visitors to the show.