Bowls results

Brendan Bowers





1st V. McMah, W. Campbell, L. Hofsetter

2nd T. Chippendale, L. Burnell Jones, J. Nowell

3rd D., Handley, C. Campbell, S. Nichols

4th I. Dickson, S. Bond, G. Kitson

5th T. Merritt, J. Hearn


1st D. Franklin, B. Klaassen, J. Noll

2nd H. Morton, T. Adams, L. Miles

3rd R. Chandler, B. Trudgian, F. Constable

4th T. Heath, J. Cannon, K. Gallagher

5th L. Donaldson, B. Parker, J. Mitzi

Competition Call:

A & B Pairs: Sunday 10 Jul: Robyn Chandler/Faye Constable v Adele McMahon/Lou Haggart

Sunday 10 Jul: Betty Klaassen/Glenda Smith v Dawn Franklin/Jenny Steemson.

Sunday 10 Jul: Crissy Strowger/Gail Job v Penny Fox/Maureen Carney

Sunday 17 July: Results of Chandler v McMahon v Bye

Sunday 17 July: Winner of (Klaassen V Franklin) v Winner of (Strowger v Fox).

Sunday 24 July: Semi Final.

Sunday 31 July: Final.

Saturday 11 June the McCracken Cup is on therefore no Social Bowls. They will recommence on Saturday 25 Jun.

Please check the notice boards for upcoming carnivals.

Also Please put your names up for upcoming Novice and B Grade Singles etc,

Pennant teams need names also.

Our next Ladies Luncheon will be held at the Tavern in Moore Park Beach on Wednesday 29th June please put your names on the board.



M. Sellman, J. Abel d. R. Greenwood, H. Morton

B. Patterson, B. Jones d. D. Mason, R. Barfield


R. Selfox, P. Figallo d. A. Massey, A. Strowger

C. Stallan, J. McKechnie d. S. Jackson, M. Jackson


R. Greenwood, H. Morton


L. Miles, G. Jackson d. G. Carson, B. Klaassen

B. Andrew, G. Job d. J. Stephens, D. Fox

C. Strowger, J. Figallo d. C. Jacobson, L. Haggart

B. Kitson, I. Dickson d. J. Mason, L. Kronk

C. Grace, G. Pritchard d. F. Petersen, N. Nunn

G. Smith, S. Seddon, M. Beaumont d. G. Hicks, K. Diamond, G. Gunn

B. Barrett, P. Collie d. J. Gaffney. T. Woodlock

S. Bond, S. Morton d. K. Bromley, D. Franklin

B. Trudgian, G. Kitson d. R. Kilpatrick, B. Parker

$50 DRAW

Bob Jones


C. Grace, B. Patterson, B. Andrew, G. Pritchard, C. Jacobson, D. Mason



G. Carson d. K. Bromley

M. Beaumont d. G. Gunn

A. Massey d. S. Morton




B Grade fours if available to play

East Bundaberg Bowls Club

Week ending 12 June, 2022


Tuesday 7 June

Winner: B. Bird, N. Jarvis

Runner-up: M. Kramer, B. Jones

Sportsperson: F. Berry, R. Kenny

Money Day Thursday 9 June


Winner: B. Pownell, S. Squires, B. Peadon

Runner-up: P. Ey, C. Burke, M. Wilkins

Sportsperson: V. Jarvis, N. Jarvis, M. Flynn


Winner: B. Taylor, L. Barber, G. Barber

Runner-up: B. Jones, D. Pye, D. Both

Sportsperson: E. Marrcon, A. Warner, V. Mallett

Friday 10 June

Winner: F. Berry, C. McArthur

Runner-up: B. Bird, B. Jones

Sportsperson: R. Berry, D. Coster, J. Jacobsen

Sunday 12 June

Winner: Cookey, P. Anderson, B. Peterson

Runner-up: G. Finsen, R. Thompson, L. McIntyre

Sportsperson: K. Hansen, S. Peal, L. Stephens

COMING EVENTS: Money Days 2nd & 3rd Thursday of the month


Tuesday & Friday 12.30pm for 1pm

Sundays 9am for 9.30am. Phone number for bowls: 0498 952 616


Results Wed 8 June, Ladies Singles, P Sellers def R v Wedel, Consolation Singles Final C Manderson def J Messenger, social bowls, L Morey G Jensen & D Maughan def R Bellett G Allen & P Hegarty, B Flanders S Burgoyne & C Morey def L Hegarty K Wylie & R Manderson, Winner of the Day was C Manderson and markers prize went to V Wakelin, encouragement award went to J Messenger.

Call for Wed 15th June, Ladies Singles, G Stallan vs T Zimitat (marker L Morey), Consistency Singles, M Leather vs C Manderson (marker L Hegarty) & Social Bowls, Wed 22nd June, Ladies Singles Final, Consistency Singles & Social bowls, Wed 29th June, Consistency Singles & Social bowls.



Tuesday 7 June: Winners: Steve Symonds, Bette Symonds Runners Up: Cal Toft, John Jardine Sportsman: Greg Cole, Bob Hannah.

Wednesday 8th June: Scroungers: Winner: Des Kemp Runners Up: Keith Whalley, Dave Rye.

Thursday 9th June: ‘Thirsty’ Thursday Winners: Jezza Vereshaka, Peter Bull.

Thursday 9th June: ‘Night Bowls’ Winners: Lexi, David & Brent Sportsman: Greg, Eric & Brendan. Pick the Joker Jackpot was not won and next week will be $454+. Thank you to DNA Property Consultants for their continued sponsorship.

Friday 10th June: Winners: Len Fisher, Bill Taylor Sportsman: Ron Byers, Ros Byers. Jackpot was not won and next week will be $260.

Saturday 1th June: Barrier Reef Corals and Keith & Julie Whalley Sponsored Day – Overall Winners: Steve & Bette Symonds 2nd: Josh Gott & Steve Coleman 3rd: Eric Mulley & Keith Whalley 4th: Faye Clark & Sue Jardine 5th: W Beaumont & S Seddon 6th: Brent Stephens & Daniel Stanton-Cook 7th: Keith Bayntun & Wayne Barnett 8th: Dave McAllister & Mick Jeffs Winners of first game: Helen Foster & Denis Bust Winners of 2nd game: Neil Holmes & John Jardine Sportsman of 1st game: Sue Petterson & T Blackley Sportsman of 2nd game: Nev Cook & Greg Jackson Mystery Sportsman: Jason Hall & Jason Read. A Big thank you to the sponsors Brendan & Dave from Barrier Reef Corals and to Keith & Julie Whalley. It was great weather, good bowls and from all reports a great day was had by all. Thank you to all the Burnett members and visitors that supported the day. Much appreciated!


Competition Results: Congratulations to Liz Strachan, Josh Gott, Sue Petterson and Darryl Austin for winning the belated 2021 Mixed Fours, they defeated Janet Ogden, Hannah Ogden, Darren McCracken and Kyle Franks 17-13.

Championship Singles Semi-Final – Keith Whalley def Dave Rye 25-5 Championship Singles Semi-Final: Tony Townson def Geoff Gill 25-24.

Members, please check the Competition boards and continue to arrange games by mutual agreement.

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Mixed Fours – please place your teams on the nomination sheet on the club noticeboard.


The following players have been selected to represent Burnett in the McCracken Cup this weekend: Singles: Darryl Austin Pairs: Tony Townson, Keith Whalley Fours: Rob Swallow, Beau Mark, Daniel Stanton-Cook, Darren McCracken. First round will be played at Moore Park 9.00am Saturday Vs Easts. Winners to advance and play again at 1.00pm.


Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 41514217. If you cannot get through on the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Friday 17th June: Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) – 1pm start, names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. The Jackpot this week will be $280

Saturday 18th June: Meat Tray Triples – plenty of quality meat trays as prizes. Nomination sheet at the club. If you are a visitor, please phone the club on 41514217 during opening hours to nominate. Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 21 June: Burnett Bonza Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) $220 Guaranteed Prizemoney. Two games of 12 ends with Winners Vs Winners and Losers Vs Losers in the second game – 1pm start, names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. 1 bowl Jackpot is now $60

Wednesday 22nd June: “Scroungers” Singles – this is a fun game of singles similar to Consistency Single where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15pm with games starting at 6.30pm. Green fees are $8.00 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prizemoney. All ability levels welcome. Come along for a fun night out.

Thursday 23 June: ‘Thirsty Thursday’ Open Pairs – 3.00pm start – Names in by 2.30pm. Free drink (Sponsored) included in green fees. Games will finish at 5.00pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday night 23rd June: 6.30pm Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the “Pick the Joker Jackpot”. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names before 6pm, start at 6.30pm.


Tuesday 21tJune – Burnett Bonza Pairs commences – $220 guaranteed prizemoney. Two games of 12 ends where Winners Vs Winners and Losers Vs Losers after the first game. Prizes for winners of both games. Prize for winner of first game but lost second game, prize for winner of second game but lost first game, prize for loser of both games. New format – new prize structure so come along and have a go at winning the cash. Everyone welcome. The Burnett Bonza Pairs will be played on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Sunday 10 July – $1000 Caribou Cup. Another great day with plenty of cash prizes. Triples – where teams are randomly drawn (paddle pop draw). Come along and enjoy some great fellowship with the chance to win some cash. More info to come.


Club opening hours are – Monday – Closed, Tuesday 10am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am – 9pm, Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday 10am – 9.30pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm (10pm for functions), Sunday Bowls Days 9am – 2pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday at 7.00pm. The member’s draw is now at $70 so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Entertainment for this Friday night the 17th June will be Johnny K and the following Friday the 24th June, live music will be supplied by ‘Old Bones’.


RESULTS Friday 10 June:

$400 Money Day sponsored by Argyle Gardens Retirement Village –

Winners – J.Killen, G.Weston, O.Hocking

1st Runners Up – K.Mason, T.Barns

2nd Runners Up – M.K.Mason, J.Dunn, K.Galvin

Sportsmen – C.Somerfield, M.Baker, R.Baker

Thanks everyone for your support. Lovely to see our southern visitors again.

NOMINATIONS FOR CONSISTENCY SINGLES are now open, closing and drawn on 17 June. First round to be played on 24 June.

Social bowls are played every Friday from 1pm. We welcome all bowlers, both men and women. Phone the clubhouse on 41 535 644 by 12.30pm if you would like a game. Green fees $10.

Burnett Ladies

Wednesday’s results – winners D. Dingle & G. Witt, Runner up D. Rowley, P. Allan & R. Byers. Results from the “B” grade singles S. Barritt defeated Tracey Rye. First round results of the club Championship Triples D. McCracken, H. Foster & S. Jardine defeated M. Clitheroe, D. Maultby & A. Keegan in a very close game. Final to be played on the 22nd June. Coming up Next Saturday the 18th June is Meat Tray Triples. Sheet out at club for teams. or ring club on 41514217. Plenty of great meat tray prizes on offer. Social bowls next Wednesday names by 12.30 for 1 p.m. start. Liz Strachan G.D.


Monday 6 th June – Turkey Pairs – Winners B. Gill & R. Bonke; runners up R. Tonkin & K. Bayntun; 2nd runners up B. Heness & L. Poulsen. Winners of First Game C. Bridges & B..

McDermott; Winners of Second Game H. Dingle & K. McLelland.

Tuesday 7 June – Ladies Social Bowls – No Results.

Wednesday 8 June – Open Pairs – Winners B. Watt & J. Grills; runners up D. Harding & D. Brady. Sportsman’s L. Rogerson & M. Richardson; C. McNeilly & B. Ross.

Thursday 9 June – Men’s Pairs – Winners M. Davies & J. Hadrick; runners up M. Kernick & N. McNamara; 2nd runners up B. McCarthy & J. Andrew; 3 rd runners up R. Monk & D.

Fielding; 4 runners up J. Nowell & J. Bryant. Sportsman’s P. Barker & B. Hearn; A. Setter & G. Hutchinson; R. Hoiberg & C. Hippisley; C. Groszmann & D. Raggart; J. Clay & R.


Saturday 11 th June – Men’s “B” Pairs Semi-Final R. Tonkin & L. Poulsen d F. Plant & B. Dunn.

Coming Events: Mondays – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30pm start.

Tuesday – Ladies Club Fours. 3 Games 13 ends Trial Ends 8.45am – Start 9am. Pay by 8.30am. Ladies Social Bowls 12.30 Start Pay by 12 noon.

Wednesday 15 June – Men’s “A” Pairs Final J. & C. Fehlberg v G. Cahill & M.Tonkin.

11am Start. Open Pairs. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30pm Start.

Thursdays – Men’s Pairs Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 Start.

Saturday 18 June – Men’s “B” Pairs Semi-Final M. Richardson & B. McDermott v K. Cook

& R. Harvey. 12.30pm Start. McCracken Cup Bargara v A.T.W. Pm at Moore Park.

Sunday 19 June – Men’s “B” Pairs Final 12.30 Start. McCracken Cup 3 rd Round and Final at Bundaberg Club.

Sunday 26 June – Super Sunday – Mixed Triples. 3 sets of 7 ends. Order of play rotates every 7 ends. 12.30 pm start.


Wednesday 15 June Mens Ladies or Mixed Pairs or Triples for Club Trophies.

Saturday 18 June Mens Ladies or Mixed Pairs or Triples for Club Trophies.

Social results: REGALINE & DONUT KING $800.00 DAY Winners J Barlow & R Gately. John & Pat. 1st R/up Lesley Tulu & R Chippendale. C Sturzaker H Sturzaker A Roylance. 2nd R/up C Mason Shirley P Owen S. J Barett M Stumbles & B Pasneer. Sportspersons B Peardon A Holt & S Squires. Gus & T Van Leeuwen.

Wednesday winners T Atwell & Spud Murphy. R/up B McMah & D Austin. Sportspersons A Shaw & B Naumann.

Saturday winners R Savage & B McMah.


Results of Thursday Social Winners C Darlington, M Koschenow.

Sportspersons B Porra, M Baker, L Wright.

Competition Results Ladies B Grade Pairs Semi-final C Darlington, M Koschenow defeated W Searle, N Long.

Sunday Social Calliope Vsit Winners K Divine, B Hargraves,J Farmer.

Runners-up W Searle, S Pennington, J Wessling.

Sportspersons R Wright, G Poke, L Farmer.

Next sponsored day Tuesday 21st June Sponsored by Zacs Meats.

Thursday 30th June Sponsored by Brothers Sports Club.

Best of luck to Brothers men competing in McCracken Cup Saturday at Moore Park against Moore Park and to Margaret Szymanski competing in Champion of Club Champion Singles at Bargara on Tuesday 28th June.


Tuesday 7th June 2022. $420.00 Day sponsored by C C Electrical.

Samson Green:

Winners: J. Kemp, N. Hempsed, W. Seawright. Runners Up: H. McKinnon, B. McKinnon, P. Lovell. Sportspersons: S. Hucker, B. Fryer, M. Zacher.

Foundation Green:

Winners: A. Holt, R. Hoilberg, K. Baynton. Runners Up: K. Itzstein, H. Schmidt, C. Marcinkus. Sportspersons: J. Schluter, D. Ivins, E. Salvering.

Thursday 9 June:

Winners: M. Dick, G. Purches, T. Lincoln. Runners Up: S. Sparke, C. Marcinkus. Sportspersons: R. Chambers.

Saturday 11 June:

Winners: D. Petersen, D. Cooke, J. Cappetta. Sportspersons: V. Stewart, B. Fryer, R. Ribbans.

Competition Results:

Mens “B” Singles Final: M. Stumbles def R. Chambers.

Ladies Open Singles: M. Nicol def M. Zacher . ~ J. Jones def T. Salau ~ C. Marcinkus def K. Itzstein. ~ Semi Final: M. Nicol def C. Marcinkus.

Mens Open Triples: D. Petersen, D. Cooke, J. Cappetta def F. Dewhurst, R. Sydenham, T. Lincoln.

Selectors: Tuesday 14 June: R.Ribbans, S.Ribbans – Thursday 16th June: M. Nicol, J. Clough. – Saturday 18 June: – R. Ribbans.

Competition Call:

Thursday 16 June:

Ladies Open Singles Final: Joan Jones v M. Nicol. (Marker: C. Marcinkus)

Mens Open Triples: A. Holt, R. Chambers, J. Clough v F. Millerick, A. Edgerton, D. Harding.

Saturday 18 June:

Mens B Grade Pairs: B. McKinnon, F. Millerick v R. Bury, A. Edgerton.

Tuesday 21 June:

Mens B Grade Pairs: To be announced.

Saturday 25 June:

Mens B Grade Pairs Final.

Saturday 2 July:

Mens Open Triples Final.

Upcoming Events:

Sat/Sun 18/19 June: McCracken Cup venue Moore Park Beach. Semi Final and Final will be played at Bundaberg Bowls Club.

Team of 7: Singles: D. Cooke Pairs: R. Death, G. Mallett Fours: F. Dewhurst, R. Chambers, T. Lincoln, J. Clough.

Tuesday 21st June: Board of Management Meeting at 9.30am. ( Please Note the early time) Social Bowls at 1pm.

Thursday 23rd June: $420.00 Day sponsored by Dr. Jai Eye Centre.

Thursday 30th June: $600.00 Day sponsored by Ross Gray Motor City.

Working Bee at 7am on 13 June. Please assist if you can.

Men’s Pennant Teams are up on the White Board for 2022. If possible arrange games together when able to do so.