A whole new coffee experience

Insane Caffeine provides a stunning mural for visitors to enjoy in the outdoor area of their Childers cafe.

By Insane Caffiene Owner Kevin Chapman.

Insane Caffeine is your escape from where you need to be, and instead, wish you were every day.

At Insane Caffeine, our obsession is to provide a local, traveller, and personal destination for everyone.

With every cup, and chef-prepared meal you are receiving the best of local product in true foods on your highway express.

Insane Caffeine sources the best of greens, meats, and Artisan Sourdough Breads, from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, to Childers.

Yes, with every cup, coffee is our obsession. Our blend is unique to others you will try.

Our blend, developed by long time industry colleagues in modern air roasting technology at First Batch in Noosaville in 2018 before we opened Insane Caffeine in 2019.

Our sitting-in setting is a pleasing industrial chic décor with unique garden setting in, and outside. Yes, the plants are real, like the food and coffee.

Now last and foremost, is our baking.

All our cakes, savouries, biscuits are baked in-house, on-site.

When on the highway, good food is hard to find.

Insane Caffeine wants to be your find with the coffee, the food, and baked treats.

To complement our Insane Caffeine café, Tania and I are excited to announce our new Insane Coffee Caravan (our Lil’ Basket Case).

At the time of this printing, Insane Caffeine caravan will be located at a new homewares outlet in Childers.

This location is very new for Childers, surprising the unexpected traveller, or local to another out of ordinary stop to give that unique memory stamp on your travel experience.

Tania and I grew up and met in Bundaberg. Now, with the experience of multiple coffee ventures, we are now constructing a new coffee, food and drinks destination in Bundaberg CBD.

There has been considering planning and refurbishing of a 100-plus year old building.

Your experience at our new destination will be taking you back to your early adulthood, with visual memories of your life the way you remember.

Now you can share the moment with the people closest to you.

The location we have chosen has the character inside with the original floors to ceiling. The outside area will be finished in the way you wish your home can be sooner.

You may wish to visit Little Italy in Melbourne hoping to get that feeling of good coffee, Fitzroy, Victoria for the street art and cake, west end Qld for the farmer to plate experience.

Our goal, is to bring your dreams and desires closer to your region, so you can experience the service and quality with everything our region gives.