A relaxing spot for a moment with friends

River Cruz Cafe is a great place to simply relax away from it all.

By Angela Norval

They say that location isn’t everything, but it certainly helps when a café/restaurant can boast relaxing views of the Burnett River and beautiful shaded surrounds.

For River Cruz Café/Restaurant owner Nerida Spoor, this business has truly been something that she continues to be proud of, because this is a business woman that never do things by halves.

“From the moment I opened River Cruz Café/Restaurant I knew that we were onto something special because the location alone just puts diners at ease as they enjoy being by the water and being able to enjoy a stroll after lunch,” she said.

“Add to that, we have also become a favourite spot for local business people who appreciate that we provide them a quiet location, excellent dining and privacy to catch up.

“I appreciate the importance of having a team that provides that excellent balance between genuine friendliness and also the right amount of experience to be able to provide a complete dining experience for our customers.

“When it comes to coffee, there is Americano, Latte, Affogato, Mocha, cappuccino and our staff need to be able to know how to put these brews together to start with and then adapt them to the individual needs of our diners whether it is different milk options or extra sugar.”

For Nerida, having owned a number of businesses throughout the years, she appreciates the importance of a good coffee being able to stand alone, but also having a light or full lunch menu that works well to compliment a quality cup.

“I work well with chef Luke to have real options for our diners from an all-day breakfast which is just delicious, to filling but light lunch options.

“As the weather continues to get cooler, we have been adapting our menu to also include a variety of different options to provide that warming factor such as soup and crunchy bread.

“We find that people enjoy the option of a moment of peace, grabbing a quality coffee break combined with a homemade donut and being served by one of our friendly team.

“When it comes to donuts and other treats, nothing goes past the homemade flavour and real options whether it is as simple as chocolate or jam filled donuts.

“Coffee is something that many people are very specific in how they want it served, so it is important our staff take the time to listen and make sure it is the right temperature or flavour, so all the customers have to do is sit back and enjoy.”