History of crime

Childers Police Station Personnel C.1917.

Local historian and volunteer coordinator at the Old Pharmacy Museum, Childers, SCOTT STEDMAN shares the history of crime in the Isis district.

Childers Crimes of the Past

1894 Murder

“An Aboriginal named Johnnie King is charged, on warrant issued by the Winton Bench, with having about 6am on the 31st ultimo, murdered another Aboriginal named ‘Emily’ at Childers, by striking her on the head with a tomahawk.

Description: About 5 feet 9 inches high, slight build, hair turning grey at the sides; dressed in an old tweed suit, and is suffering from asthma. Supposed to have gone to Howard or Maryborough. August 13, 1894.”

1894 Housebreaking and Stealing from the Dwelling House

“Stolen from a dwelling at Childers, between 8am and noon on the 11th instant, the property of the occupant Clement William Taylor, 1 tin trunk, about 30 inches long and 18 inches deep, enclosing a cash-box containing £1 10s in gold, 1 £5-note, 7 £1-notes, £2 10s in silver, and a cheque for £1 5s, drawn by Penny and Co.; also two white shirts, 1 pair of dancing pumps, a quantity of letters, socks, and pocket-handkerchiefs, 1 pair of white sheets, 1 pair of white football pants, 1 blue-and-gold sash, and 1 gold scarf-pin: value, £4 10s. Clothes, letters and cheque identifiable. 26 November, 1894.”

1894 Housebreaking and Stealing from the Dwelling House

“Stolen from a camp at Apple Tree Creek, on the night of the 26th ultimo, the property of Mark McMorren, care of the Childers Police, I sac coat made of dark tweed, with small white, red, and blue spots on it, a patch of light-coloured tweed on left breast pocket, and ‘M.M.M.’ worked on inside of collar; 1 light-tweed trousers, with patch on left knee sewn with black thread, and a tear on right knee drawn together; also £4 10s, which was in trousers pocket. All except money identifiable. 3 December, 1894.”

1895 Housebreaking and Stealing from the Dwelling House

“On the night of the 23rd ultimo a dwelling at Childers was broken into by some person or persons unknown, and the following articles, the property of the occupant, Erick Rosenstet (Licensee and original owner of the Childers Belle Vue Hotel in 1894), stolen therefrom: 20 bottles of Burke’s three-star whiskey. 1 half-sovereign, and 10 shillings in silver and copper; value £10. A mutilated half-crown identifiable. An entrance was effected by pushing opening a door. February 4, 1895.”

1895 Stealing otherwise than from the Person or Dwelling House

“Stolen from Cordalba, on the 11th ultimo, the property of Robert Brindell, a resident there, 1 saddle branded JJ 3(on side) on pommel; also 1 bridle. Suspicion attached to a man named Joseph Winter, alias Jack Winter. Description: – about 18 or 20 years of age, 5 feet high, slight build, yellow complexion; a Cingalese. 1 April, 1895.”

1895 Felonies and Offences not otherwise Described

“About the 17th ultimo two draught geldings, the property of Thomas McCosker, Childers, were maliciously wounded (evidently a gunshot), from the effects of which one of them died on the following day. Suspicion attaches to a man named Peter Abavelah, who lives near Childers, where offence was committed, and who was seen turning one of the wounded horses out of his canfield shortly after a shot had been fired by someone, and carrying a gun at the time, 6 May, 1895.”

1896 Housebreaking and Stealing from the Dwelling House

“Stolen from a dwelling at Childers, between 5 and 6p.m. on the 11th instant, the property of James Flynn, a resident there, 1 silver open faced English lever watch, No.8186 over 7; also, 1 silver chain, curb pattern, minus bar: value £4. Identifiable. 29 June, 1896.”

1897 Felonies and Offences not otherwise Described

“On the 3 February last a little girl named Catherine Jeppersen, 13 years of age, while returning from Childers to Campbell’s Camp, was indecently assaulted by a Kanaka, who left Childers on the 5th instant, supposed for Bundaberg or Dunergon, leaving his swag and portmanteau at Childers.

Description: – Maivo Island boy, 35 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, medium build; generally, wears black coat, moleskin trousers, black hat with white puggaree; walks slovenly owing to some deformity in feet. Identifiable. 17 May, 1897.”


“Tarringo (S.S.I.), charged with rape, has been arrested at Kelly’s Camp, near Childers, by Sergeant Flynn and Constable Walsh, and committed for trial to the Circuit Court to be held at Bundaberg on the 27 September proximo.”


“John Harley is charged, on as warrant issued by the Childers Bench, with deserting his wife, Mary Ann, at Apple Tree Creek, near Childers, on the 5th ultimo. Description: – A Scotsman, 37 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches hight, slight build, fair complexion, fair hair, fair moustached only; speaks with a Scotch accent; recently employed in the Railway Department as a guard. Supposed to have gone to Gympie or Brisbane. 12 April, 1898.”