New Legatees welcomed in vital role

Bundaberg Legacy president Wayne McNee welcomes new Legatees Lynne Pollock, Terry and Thel Thistlethwaite, and Len Gordon.

By Angela Norval

Sometimes in life it is nice to remembered.

For someone to visit with a friendly smile and take the time to show they care.

This is the reality for war widows and their children thanks to Bundaberg Legacy’s support.

Bundaberg Legacy proudly welcomed four new legatees, who brought with them compassion, a wealth of knowledge and experience that could only be developed through serving their country, often in times of war.

Bundaberg Legacy president Wayne McNee said it was a privilege to have people like Lynne Pollock, Terry and Thel Thistlewaite and Len Gordon take the time to join them in their community to war widows and their families.

“We are proud of the personlised service we provide for our widows; because we respect that they should want for nothing, but also the difference that a regular visit to see how they are doing can make,” he said.

“Through having served ourselves, we are able to provide real understanding of their feelings and circumstances and make the transition if they lose their partner a little easier as we appreciate just how vulnerable they can be.

“Bundaberg Legacy has developed a wonderful community spirit through our region and one we work hard to continue every day.”

Upon moving to Bundaberg, Terry Thistlewaite was only too happy to put his hand up to be a Legatee.

A Vietnam veteran himself, Terry appreciated the trials and tribulations Legacy widows had been through, having husbands returning from war.

“Bundaberg Legacy has 444 widows on their books which is a number to be proud of, as these are widows who are being supported and can be confident in knowing that someone is watching out for them,” he said.

“I know that my role is mainly one of support and I am happy to help out wherever I can, as well as just dropping by for a chat and to see if there is anything they need.”

Having recently retired from a career of nearly 34 years in the Navy, Len Gordon has some big shoes to fill, helping Robbie Robinson cover the Howard through to Mount Perry Legatee region.

Len said after such an illustrious career he was happy to give back to the local community and the Legacy widows.

“There is a lot of bureaucracy that these widows often have to wade through and it is also good for them to have the support and knowledge from someone like me that they need and deserve,” he said.

“It is wonderful in some of the outlying areas of our region to be able to speak with these widows face-to-face and for them to know there is someone there who thinks they are important.

“Having been in the service for so many years, I can really respect the role of a spouse and all they have to go through throughout the years.

“It has been wonderful to meet these women through the regular morning teas and am looking forward to getting to know them and gain their trust.”

To contribute to our local community by bringing compassion, sensitivity and caring support to others, call 4152 5958 for more information or check out