Getting start-ups off the ground

The Generator's Community Manager Tamar Boas with Regional Business HQ Executive Manager Brooke Fossey. Picture: AARON GOODWIN

By Aaron Goodwin

People who have the entrepreneur spirit, an idea for a start-up product or interest in the world of start-ups, are encouraged to take part in the Generator Founders Program.

The Generator has partnered with Startup Onramp and Split Spaces Mackay to deliver the Generator Founders Program.

The Generator Founders Program is a 7-week course for startup founders who are early in their startup journey, including those who currently have a day job and want to make the transition from employee to startup founder or for persons wanting to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

The Generator Founders Program is a combination of online learning with weekly group sessions, that is free to people in Regional Queensland.

The Founders Program online content will teach you topics such as:

-How to work out if your startup idea is any good – and change it fast if it’s not!

-How to test your idea with customers

-How to recruit and work with developers

-How to launch your product and get your first customers

-What mistakes cause startups to fail, and how to avoid them

In short, the practical online course that will show you how to start a high-growth startup and maximise its chances of success. It teaches core startup skills to aspiring startup founders in a flexible self-paced format, with participants gaining access to video-based lessons from some of Australia’s leading startup experts.

The Generator’s Community Manager Tamar Boas said the program is a great networking opportunity for like-minded people.

”They get to meet other potential founders or co-founders, people to collaborate with it,” Ms Boas said.

”We are collaborating with Mackay because this way we are growing our cohort.

”There were a few people around who came to Start-up Weekend and people that have come to see our expert in residence pop-up events.

”There are people that when they see the right thing advertised , they are attracted to it and need help.”

The online Startup Onramp courses are free, but the program incurs a $250 cost, for access to industry experts, weekly grpup sessions, access to The Generator space and the hosting of pitch night at the program’s end.

There’s 14 modules and participants will complete two modules per week.

Regional Business HQ Executive Manager Brooke Fossey said while the program is traditioanlly focused on people working on a start-up, it can be of benefit to established business people.

”There’s also a parallel if you’ve been in business for a while and you can see a gap,” Ms Fossey said.

”Covid-19 has been a massive disruption for people so they have changed and become more flexible.

”There’s potential gaps out there, they’ve been where they’re are for so long, they’re just not quite sure how to move their idea forward.

”If you look at how many people were at the Hinkler Innovation Series, there was a lot of people there and a lot of people moving to the region.

”I can see a lot of potential start-ups giving it a go.”

Startup Onramp Founder Colin Kinner is available to help participants and experts can be brought into the program each week to help where needed.

The program will run from 2 August- 23 September.

To find out more and register interest, head to: