Police advising locals to LOCK IT OR LOSE IT

Police are encouraging Bundaberg residents to Lock it or Lose it, following an increase in reports of houses and vehicles being unlawfully entered. Picture: FILE

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks Bundaberg Police have seen an increase in reports of houses and vehicles being unlawfully entered.

Suburbs including Bundaberg South and Bundaberg North have been heavily targeted with a vehicle being stolen as well as personal property items such as medical equipment, documents, wallets and cash.

Regrettably, the majority of these offences involve houses and vehicles being left unlocked and unsecured.

Therefore, it is a timely reminder to Bundaberg residents to LOCK IT OR LOSE IT.

To reduce the risk of a break in to your home, Police encourage you to:

-Ensure doors are always locked with a key, even when you are home

-Always ensure car keys and house keys, together with mobile phones, handbags and wallets, are stored out of sight

-Lock away items of value such as bikes, lawn mowers and garden implements such as ladders Always keep your garage or shed door closed and locked with a key

To reduce the risk of vehicle theft or theft of valuable property, Police encourage you to:

-Remove all valuables from the vehicle. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, keep them out of sight

-Make sure you lock all doors and windows, even when the vehicle is parked in your driveway or on your property

-Park in a well lit area

-Don’t leave spare keys anywhere in the vehicle and keep garage door openers out of sight

-Consider fitting a car alarm, immobiliser, ignition shield or other security device

Don’t leave personal documents in your vehicle as you risk your identity being stolen and fraud being committed using your name