Blood almost like gold to patients

For Molly Dawson, receiving a blood transfusion during her chemotherapy treatment made such a difference.

by Angela Norval

For cancer survivor Molly Dawson, being a blood recipient just once made such a difference to her life.

Although thankfully now in remission and back to living a ‘normal’ life and holding down a job; Molly can still remember clearly the positive impact just one transfusion she received during chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“I described it almost like liquid gold it had such a positive impact on my body during treatment,” she said.

“Before I was given the transfusion I was having great trouble breathing and couldn’t even get up to walk to the fridge, but afterwards I was able to move around a lot more freely.

“When you are receiving treatments such as chemotherapy transfusions are very valuable and needed by a lot more people than we often realise.

“Prior to being diagnosed I really didn’t think about the importance of blood donations because there wasn’t the same valuable education as there is now.”

During National Blood Donor Week held from 14 to 20 June, Lifeblood is celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Australia’s blood and plasma donors, while also calling for new donors.

Lifeblood’s Belinda Smetioukh thanked the half a million donors who helped save lives this year, and urged new donors to make a change for life.

“To every donor who has given blood, plasma or platelets over the last 12 months, thank you so much for helping us save and change lives,” Ms. Smetioukh said.

“From cancer patients to road trauma victims, people with blood disorders to burns victims, 31,000 blood donations are needed every week.”

“The beauty of blood and plasma donation is it allows ordinary people to be extraordinary lifesavers, even in times of hardship such as bushfires, floods, and pandemics,” she said.

3,500 blood donations are still needed in Queensland over the next two weeks.

Download the Donate Blood app, call 13 14 95 or visit to book a donation.