Working and giving never stops

Trevor and Wendy Cross work virtually non-stop on a 2,500 acre vegetable operation. Picture: AARON GOODWIN

By Aaron Goodwin

Operating a huge farming operation seven days a week and donating food to a bunch of charities and causes over the years, Trevor and Wendy Cross at Cross family Farms have both been awarded an Order of Australia Medal, for service to the community through charitable organisations.

The pair have supported the Angels Community Group, Meals on Wheels and Foodbank Queensland for several years, through mass donations of produce to help feed those less fortunate in the community.

In fact back in 2019, Trevor and Wendy were named Foodbank Queensland’s highest supporter by kilogram in the whole of the state.

Trevor said that it was good to be recognised for their efforts from the higher-ups.

”It’s a good thing to do instead of wasting food, it’s helped a lot of people,” Mr Cross said.

”More for the people who live on the streets, to go to the food kitchens to cook for them.

”I think there’s over 300,000 under 15 kids in Australia on the street .

”Over the last 10 years we’ve been doing a little bit to Foodbank.

”Over the last three- four years we ramped up the donations to big numbers.

”We were struggling last year so we stopped giving.”

Cross Family Farms has been operating for 32 years since Trevor started it all.

They moved the operation from Hills Road to their current location on Moorlands Road eight years ago to expand.

It is a vegetable producing operation on 2,500 acres consisting of; zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes, beans, snow peas, corn and more!

They supply Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and export to New Zealand, picking for nine-ten months of the year.

”It’s probably nearly been 100 years of the average person’s working life because it’s seven days a week,” Mr Cross said.

”There haven’t been to many weekends in between.

”We’d be up there with the largest farming operations in Australia.

”Maybe the top three or four companies in what we do.”

Funnily enough fellow 2021 OAM recipient Evan Duke for many years drove the Meals on Wheels van to Cross Family Farms and took the donations from Wendy and Trevor Cross.

Foodbank Queensland Food Supply Manager, Bob McMillan congratulated the Cross’ on being honoured with an Order of Australia medal.

”Cross Family Farms is the one of Foodbank Queensland’s largest single fresh products donor in Queensland, helping us fight hunger for over a decade,” Mr McMillan said.

”Foodbank Queensland receives a wide selection of fruits and vegetables from Cross Family Farms every month in an effort to reduce hunger and provide fresh and nutritious food to those facing hunger.

”Cross Family Farms were one of the first producers to pledge to give to Foodbank Queensland year-round for community needs.

”Trevor and Wendy Cross have been directing a variety of fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, beans, zucchinis, capsicum, peas, corn and cucumbers, to Foodbank Queensland to support people experiencing hunger.

”For more than 10 years, Cross Family Farms have donated up to 800,000 kilograms a year of fresh fruit and vegetable to Foodbank Queensland.

”Thank you Cross Family Farms for your continued support.”