Queensland’s new check in system starts May 1

There is a new check in app from the Queensland Government.

By Shane Jones

The way Queenslanders, and Bundaberg residents, check in to events will officially change tomorrow.

The Queensland Government’s Check In Queensland app becomes compulsory in some areas tomorrow with some being forced to use the app to make their patrons check in when they go to either eat, drink, or visit.

It is meant to replace other QR codes used for this currently and to provide one service for everyone to use.

It is also meant to provide convenience for users and to better contract trace people if someone gets Covid-19.

Once you download the app and use it for the first time, your details are stored, so you can check into multiple venues without having to put in your details again.

All Bundaberg hospitality businesses will need to use the app as it will be compulsory on May 1.

For other areas that use QR codes, it isn’t compulsory as yet, but that will happen over time.

To download the app or for more information on it, head to https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/check-in-qld.