Audiences revel in return of live performances

Bundaberg Players Inc members starting to plan the BURP idea are Richard Williams, Trish Mears, Bex Hutchins, Phil Fresta, Jan Sullivan, sitting, and Sue Sargent.

By Angela Norval

As they get ready to debut the much-awaited Mamma Mia on 22 January, the Bundaberg Players can reflect on 2020 as a year when the stages were shut down but the show went on.

While it was a very different year, all members showed commitment and enthusiasm; from continuing to turn up to Sunday working bees, to the technical team learning new skills to live stream Bundaberg’s Unique Relaxed Performances (BURP) performances, their commitment was inspiring.

Bundaberg Players really is a family and that has come to the fore this year.

The Mamma Mia cast and crew remained engaged through social media after Covid-19 saw the performance cancelled, which has made a huge difference, while the member newsletter has gone online and has been a great way to keep everyone informed.

One area that truly stood out were the was BURP performances, which involved so many members as well as being a great way to support each other and keep in touch.

In December, restrictions lifted and a live show was possible through Midsummer Night’s Dream at Riverfeast, with the response completely overwhelming to the cast.

The show was virtually a sell out and audiences were so enthusiastic.

Bundaberg Players Trish Mears said it was obvious people were really craving live entertainment again.

“To have these shows has meant the world to us,” she said.

“There is nothing like a live audience and to hear the laughter and applause at Riverfeast when we performed Midsummer Night’s Dream was like a dream come true.

“BURP has really shone a light on so many of our members – from showcasing their writing talents to some of our members who normally working behind the scenes having a go on stage and doing really well.

“This year we are looking forward to getting Mamma Mia on stage and then being able to perform the rest of our program on the stage at the Playhouse.”

Bundaberg Players were already getting many inquiries back in December about Mamma Mia, and they can sell more tickets now that the performance has moved to the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Tickets went on sale on 4 January through the Moncrieff box office (online) and the Bundaberg Players were expecting them to be very popular.

“We’d also like to acknowledge our subscribers and ticket holders who have been so patient,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re looking forward to finally getting to perform Mamma Mia.

“We started rehearsals in 2019 and will finally get to perform it in 2021!”