Local duo bring range of musical influences to shows

Abby Skye and The Batman draw on plenty of different influences for amazing live shows.

By Angela Norval

Providing audiences with a cool blend of songs by newer artists like Lewis Capaldi and Halsey with classics by the likes of Cold Chisel and Alanis Morissette, Abby Skye and The Batman are owning their local gigs again and again.

It is easy to understand why, considering Abby has been singing and performing since her age was single digits, and Wayne Ficnerski, AKA The Batman, has been a musical jack-of-all-trades for eons.

How this duo actually got together is an amusing story that saw Abby doing a couple of gigs on Curtis Island, the first of which was super tense so she asked Wayne to sit in with her on the next one, so they could joke around a bit.

Wayne stepped up, learning 40 songs in three days. They had a blast and just never stopped.

Abby said she loved an intimate concert setting, but she and Wayne were able to get a bit carried away at the bigger pub gigs, so got the best of both worlds.

“Wherever we are, it is always the people that help make the gig,” she said.

“Depending how they feel or what they’re going through, people can emotionally invest themselves heavily in the music around them, and that definitely gives us food for the soul.

“Apart from that, there’s very little to not love about performing live – we get to lose ourselves in music we love and watch people having a blast every time we go to ‘work’; it’s a tough deal.”

Abby said for composition and performance her influences were Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley and Sarah McLachlan, but she loved vocalists from all styles.

Wayne grew up with a much broader taste in music and has introduced her to many amazing singers and bands over the years.

“Over the years, it’s weird, our collective musical tastes (and therefore, what we play) has expanded, but not really changed much over the years,” she said.

“We still love the raw passion and essence of older tunes, but also embrace the elements of the newer generation of music.

“My voice has definitely gotten deeper over the years, so I find my writing and production style changes significantly with absolutely everything different I listen to as well.”

Abby has been working on a new album for the past couple of years, which she said was finally getting to the pointy end, enabling her to put the finishing touches on that and hopefully make some videos and content to support the release.

“That’s my immediate focus but after that, I’d like to revive my heavy rock project and if all goes to plan, I’ll retire making Enya-type music from our farm,” she said.

Until that retirement, though, audiences can get plenty more of Abby Skye and The Batman performing live locally.

They will be at The Waves Sports Club on Saturday 9 January, followed by The Club Hotel on Sunday 10 January for the ‘Ride for William’ event.