Nicola always happy to lend a hand

acute care paramedic 2 (ACP2) Nicola Grundy was proud to win a Brian Prince Emergency Services Outstanding Service Award

by Angela Norval

For acute care paramedic 2 (ACP2) Nicola Grundy, there has always been something that has drawn her to first aid and helping those in need.

Nicola said she admits that it all started when she joined scouts at the age of 12 because when you go out hiking you have your first aid kit and what is in your pack to fix any issues you come across.

“Just like working in ambulance we have the gear in our vehicle and the knowledge in our heads to help the community with whatever their needs are when they call,” she said.

“I enjoy working in ambulance as I like helping people; even if it is the tiniest thing that I can do to make their day or their crisis a little better, to really help them in their time of need. “Sometimes it can be as simple as after getting an elderly person up off the floor and ensuring that they’re not injured, helping them complete the task that they were originally doing before they had a fall; or ensuring that the pet has something to eat if we have to take them to hospital.”

With such a clear passion for what she does, Nicola was very honoured to be firstly nominated and then win a Brian Prince Emergency Services Outstanding Service Award.

“Even though I didn’t know Brian personally by hearing his story and how it sounds as though he gave himself 110% to everything he did to ensure that he could give the most does make me feel connected to him.

“I personally try my hardest at everything I do because I don’t want to live with regrets that there was more I could do; either for someone or for the community themselves.

“In all honesty I don’t think this award is directly for me but also for those that helped me be the person I am today.

“All my peers within the ambulance service giving me as much guidance as they can as well as my family and friends that have encouraged me along the way and helped shape me into the person I am.”

Personally for Nicola there is nothing better than knowing that all of the staff in the Wide Bay Ambulance Service give their all to help those who need them in a crisis.

“Even within the service if someone needs a hand there is always someone willing to give assistance.”