John shares commitment to service

Queensland Fire Emergency Service auxiliary firefighter John Ratcliffe proudly displays his award

by Angela Norval

For Queensland Fire Emergency Service auxiliary firefighter John Ratcliffe, there is an unmistakable enthusiasm for his job that has kept him coming back for 26 years.

This commitment to the community and the emergency services was recognised at this year’s Brian Prince Emergency Services Outstanding Service Awards on Saturday 19th September.

John said while he was very surprised to win one of these respected awards, he was also honoured to be recognised for such a special award.

“In my day to day role I never expect to be recognised because I am happy doing my job and to be a part of such a dedicated service that is able to help so many people,” he said.

“While the fire department is mostly recognised for putting out fires locally there is so much more that is involved in the work that we do including assisting the ambulance, rescues and other areas which makes it interesting.

“Add to that we have regular ongoing training each week to ensure that we are up to date with the latest techniques which is always essential.”

For John, while the award presentation evening was so significant because it saw so many valuable emergency services be recognised, it also reminded him of why he got started in the first place.

“There is something so rewarding and special about being involved in helping someone or even saving their life and that feeling of accomplishment can never be forgotten it is wonderful.”