Throwback brings sound like never before

There is something about performing together that Throwback loves every second of.

By Angela Norval

“We all have our own influences, styles, reasons for jamming – but when we’re on stage together, it’s not just a band, it’s a brotherhood.”

When local band Throwback gets in a groove together there is nothing like it and they are happy to be back sharing their loud, in-your-face with plenty of ‘mongrel’ sound.

Throwback includes Andy McLucas on guitars and vocals, Jason Weller on guitars, Sean Maher on bass guitars and Dane Costigan on drum and backup vocals.

Asked what it meant to be back entertaining local crowds, Andy said it was great because they loved getting out there and making some noise.

“But it’s great for venue owners and the crowds to be getting live music in their faces again because people enjoy live music and it’s been missing for a while,” he said.

“It’s great to be able to play again for people that appreciate it.

“We play the music that people know, but might not hear from live acts around and even pride ourselves on bringing the grunge to Bundy and a lot of ’90s rock!”

The name Throwback is an awesome reflection of the band’s style – better than the original Stone Rose Redemption, which was changed with a different member line-up and an ever-evolving set list.

Throwback showcases the band’s own musical influences with Dane loving smashing away to some Deep Purple, Zep, Queens of the Stone Age – anything with a kicking drum groove, while Sean is a fan of some heavier stuff like Rage Against the Machine, Mudvayne and Primus.

Jas and Andy have similar taste, in Metallica, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Green Day.

It all began when Dane started playing drums at seven years old and had his first gig a month later.

Sean started playing in a Metallica cover band in high school that needed a bass player – he then went on to be part of local metal band Loe.

Jas was given a guitar in high school and learnt to play using tablature.

He went to an open mic jam session where he met a few like-minded dudes and just started jamming.

They formed a band which played locally for a few years and won Battle of the Bands in 2015.

Jas also has a pair of guitar pic jocks that he’s worn to every single gig he’s ever played and every concert he’s been to.

Andy started playing guitar at 14 when he traded in the old trombone, joking that you can’t get chicks playing brass, so he picked up the axe and started learning some metal.

He went on to play in a few bands throughout the years but found his passion playing with this mix of musicians.

Although the band members continue to work on their individual craft, they bring it all together to produce a tighter, louder band than Bundy has seen before.

“Looking to the future, we just want to play for whoever is willing to rock along with us,” Andy said.

“We feed off a slamming crowd, but at the same time, if we’re playing to 10 or 10,000 people, we like to bring the same energy every time – I think that’s what we’re known for.”

Having what can only be described as killer gigs at The Club Hotel, Throwback is happy to be back there again on 8 May and 12 June and encouraged audiences to get down to check them out.