Smith looks to move on after premiership triumph

The Waves' Nykodah Smith celebrates a goal during the final. Picture: SHANE JONES

By Shane Jones

If Nykodah Smith has his way you won’t be seeing him compete in the Wide Bay Premier League next season.

He’ll be hopefully pursuing his dreams somewhere else.

Smith was the best player all season in front of goal, scoring 50 in his 21 matches.

He reached the half-century mark during the grand final against the United Park Eagles, scoring the first in the 3-0 win.

It’s the most goals scored in a season by a striker and his season was recognised by Football Queensland Wide Bay with the golden boot.

To also win the grand final was a nice way to end the season for him.

“The boys dug deep and we knew UPE would come out and play, finals football is a different atmosphere,” he said.

“I have a team (around me) that’s got a great culture and backs me up.

“I have one job and I just pick up the crumbs and score goals.”

Smith couldn’t believe how the first goal happened for him. He scored after his captain Hayden Lobie lobbed a ball towards the goalkeeper, who fumbled and allowed Smith to score.

Now the plan is to see what can happen next year.

Smith said the main reason for playing in Bundaberg this season was to stay close to family and not be caught up in Covid restrictions elsewhere.

If all that is solved next year, he’s looking at pursuing Melbourne as somewhere he can play football.

“I’ve got my football on hold due to Covid,” he said.

“I was willing to go to Melbourne and have a look there and that is the main goal.

“I’ve told these guys I’m only here for a season.

“But we’ll see what happens in the future.

“If anything I might stay here but I’ve got a few contacts there (Melbourne) and want to get there if possible but this Covid thing is scary and it takes me away from the family if I go down there.”