Bundy boxers win the belts

Attila Boxing Academy Wide Bay Boxing Title belt winners Bailey Rach, Curtis Robinson, coach Attila Kovacs, Aidan Tolda and Rose-Lee. Picture: AARON GOODWIN

By Aaron Goodwin

After a hiatus, the Wide Bay Boxing Titles returned with a bang on Saturday night (12 June) at the Civic Centre, with Bundaberg’s boxers shining brightly against opponents from across the state.

Hosted by the Attila Boxing Academy, about 500 people, including fighters and spectators packed in and enjoyed a great night of boxing.

Sid Blair from the Bundaberg Boxing Club said that three of his boys got a fight on the night with 28 year-old heavyweight Mark Smythe winning the main event bout and claiming the heavyweight belt.

Mark was joined in the ring that night by Taj Plath and Dylan Rollings from Sid’s academy.

Dylan Rollings had a exhibition fight against another fighter from Mackay, who travelled to Bundaberg to find out his opponent had forfeited.

”Mark Smythe has only lost one out of six fights now so he is going really well,” Mr Blair said.

”Mark got a headbutt in his fight.

”Dylan could only exhibition spar but he was good and his conditioning was there for this fight.

”Taj his first fight was fighting a boy whose had four fights and he lost in a split decision.

”I was worried about putting Taj in but he wanted to have a go at it.

”You’ve got to start somewhere, usually I’d only put him in against someone else that’s had one fight not four.

”Taj handled it really well.”

The Bundaberg Boxing Club next heads up to Rockhampton on 28 June for boxing.

Attila Boxing Academy fighter Bailey Rach fought in the 75kg middleweight division and picked up the divisional Wide Bay Boxing Title belt.

”’First round I touched him up a fair bit, I had my fitness there but I’ve been sick the last few weeks,” Mr Rach said.

”I knew I had to keep landing the body shots early so I started opening up with jabs to the body and hooks to his liver.

”It started showing it’s effect in the later rounds when I knew my fitness wouldn’t be there.

”I was tired in the third round but pushed through, showed some heart and got the win.

”I performed better in my last fight but lost it just because that opponent was more skilled and bigger, he was a real big dude.

”I was more technically proficient in this fight but my fitness wasn’t there.”

Moving forward Bailey said he will have to decide if he will cut down to 69kg or bulk up to 75kg.

”I’m thinking of trying to take a few months off boxing just to get some weight on because I’m probably a little to big to cut down to 69kg.

”Then I can come back and be a proper 75kg fighter.”

13 year-old Aidan Tolda from the Attila Boxing Academy also picked up the belt in his weight division, 60kg.

He has already 15 bouts.

”I fought pretty well, Attila said that I dominated most rounds,” Mr Tolda said.

”Working on new techniques and punching when I needed to.

”I only saw my opponent on the day at the weigh-in and saw he was a bit taller and skinnier than me.

”It’s not the best I’ve done because I have won Golden Gloves but it was a good win.”

10 year-old Rosa-Lee won the champions belt in the 36 kg division in just her first fight.

”This is my first fight, I was nervous but I knew I’d win,” Rosa said.

”I kept telling myself I would and I did.

”Boxing has gotten me out of my shell a lot,

”I used to be really nervous.

”I had my grandparents, parents and all my sisters and brothers in the crowd.

”’They all gave me a big hug and took some photos after the fight.”

Also on the night, judges, trainers and coaches received a medal or trophy for their efforts and appreciation.