McRae hopes to get higher honours

The Waves' Damian McRae has been selected in the initial squad for South Queensland ahead of their match against North Queensland. Picture: SHANE JONES

By Shane Jones

Damian McRae is hoping his sacrifice will be worth it for higher honours.

The Waves player has been selected for South Queensland, who will take on North Queensland this month at Cazaly Stadium.

It will be the curtain-raiser to the AFL match between St Kilda and Adelaide.

McRae has been selected as part of a 45-person squad and his form, which included being the best player in AFL Wide Bay last season, got him there.

“I’m very happy with the way I’m playing,” he told Bundaberg Today.

“There’s a lot of boys that have played great footy (for Wide Bay) but the new boy in town, they’ve recognised him, which I’m very happy with.”

McRae travelled down to Brisbane earlier this week to try to make the final squad, which will be 23 for the clash.

He’ll get home at 2am when he finishes training.

Now he’s hoping the performances are good enough to make it.

“We’re the curtain raiser, so hopefully that’s on TV,” he said.

The match will be held on 12 June with McRae to find out this week.