It’s our time

Kara Hayden-Brooks, Sarah Pizzey, Hana Sherlock, Taylor Jardine, Kayla Osborn and Kasey Stone from The Waves are ready to lead the team to premiership glory. 236479 Picture: SHANE JONES

By Shane Jones

The same equation faces The Waves to win the AFL Wide Bay women’s title this year but the girls are confident it is their time for premiership glory.

The Waves will take on Hervey Bay for the third time in four years tomorrow in the Takalvans AFL Wide Bay women’s final.

These two teams have dominated the competition since it began.

Hervey Bay won the first two premierships and were handed the title last year after the season was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Waves will be aiming for its first title and enter in the prime position after winning all games this season, including two against Hervey Bay, and the minor premiership.

It is the first time anyone but Hervey Bay has won a title in the competition.

But the side will have to play at Hervey Bay’s Norm McLean Oval after the final was moved at the last minute from Bay Power’s home ground.

It gives the Bombers an advantage but The Waves are not worried.

“We’re not going to focus on their team, their players and strategy, we’re going to focus on our game plan,” The Waves captain Kayla Osborn said.

“We’ll just block the crowd out.

“We played down there, at their home ground when they had a huge crowd and we came away with the win.

“It’s going to give us a lot of confidence.”

The confidence has been building all season from the girls.

The team knows it has what it takes to win.

“Everyone’s skill is improving across the park every week,” Osborn said.

“Everyone puts in their own effort.”

Osborn’s teammates agree that the team is the best it has ever been.

“We’ve got a good team, dynamic, and we’re really supportive,” Kara Hayden-Brooks said.

“I think we have the discipline to do what we need to do.”

“It’s my first year in the team and It’s been so good,” Taylor Jardine said.

“We get along, we’re social and it shows on the field.

“It’s about how we support each other.”

The side is also hellbent on beating the Bombers in a grand final.

The Waves have had enough of being the bridesmaids.

“We’ve still got a core group that have been here since day one, so they know what it is like to lose to the Bombers,” Osborn said.

“We all have the desire to get on top of them in the grand final.

“It will be the best thing if we can get the win and the club will be proud of us if we can do it.”

Osborn added the side may have won the minor premiership but it matters little if the premiership is not there as well.

Kara Hayden-Brooks said the team needed to be first to the ball and play their game to win.

The team will face Hervey Bay at 5pm.