The journey of a carer

I have been rescuing and caring for wildlife for a long time and I thought I might look at some of the funny stories from over those years.

I started my rescuing life as a snake catcher and my phone would often ring with panicked people with snake situations that I had to go out and deal with.

This particular day my phone rang and as usual, there was a panicked woman on the phone.

The woman had gone to the chook shed to collect her eggs and on her way there a large snake had slithered across the path in front of the chook shed door and vanished into a gap under the shed.

She had promptly hoisted her skirts and bolted to the house to phone me.

After hearing the story I said ‘Mum, what do you expect me to do?’

Yes, my mother!

My mother who lived over 450 kilometres away from me.

I managed to calm her down by reassuring her that no snake was going to chase her 200 metres from the chook shed to the house.

We still laugh about that one! By the way, it turned out to be a harmless python who was moved on by a local snake catcher.

I lived alone and, being safe, had a rule that I would always ask who was there prior to opening my front door.

On this particular day there was a knock on the door and probably due to my tiredness, as I had been up with a sick animal for most of the night, I was somewhat remiss and I just opened the door.

Standing there was a very large, very intimidating looking man in black leather from head to toe, with one hand tucked inside his jacket.

I managed to stammer ‘Can I help you?’, while thinking I was about to be shot on my own door step.

‘Are you the animal lady?’ he asked.

I replied that I was.

‘Can you help it lady?’ he asked as he took his hand out of his jacket to reveal a very, very young duckling.

‘I saw the mum and all the other babies get run over, but I managed to save this one’, he proudly said.

I told him that yes, I could save it, and invited him in as I realised he was just another animal lover like myself.

He helped me set up my duckling home and made me promise to invite him on the day I was going to release the duckling, which I did.

I learnt that day, never to judge a book by its cover.

Another day, another panicked phone call from a woman with a snake in her yard.

I asked her to describe the snake.

‘Well, it’s about two feet long and stripey and scary looking’ she said.

No idea why but my next question was ‘How many legs?’

‘Four’ she said.

I went and picked up a lovely blue-tongue lizard.

If you come across any wildlife needing help, we are available 24/7 on 3924 6566.