Local organisations to recognise Queen’s Jubilee with community tree-plantings

Jeannie Roberts, Leone Wilson and Shirley Watson welcome the opportunity to add trees to important areas in Bundaberg.

By Angela Norval

Community tree-planting events will be held by local organisations and schools across Hinkler to commemorate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee.

Successful planting trees for the Queen’s Jubilee Program Hinkler organisations included the Bundaberg District Women Veterans Inc with $7000, CLS Ability Enterprises Ltd with $8350, Burrum District Golf Club with $11,472, Bundaberg Christian College with $2800, Woodgate and District Residents Association with $6876, Bundaberg South State School with $11,000, Nikenbah Historical Railway Village with $6000 and QCWA Division Burnett with $2500.

Federal Hinkler MP Keith Pitt congratulated the eight recipients of the funding.

“The Queen has dedicated her life to the Commonwealth and Australia for the past 70 years and to recognise this significant milestone, the Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee program was established to leave a long-lasting reminder of her service to our local communities,” Mr Pitt said.

“The community tree-planting events to be held this year will celebrate the Jubilee and honour the memory of the Queen and her years of service.

“The Queen has visited Australia 16 times and, on many of these visits, has planted trees at community events and ceremonies, so this program is a fitting way to commemorate the Jubilee.

Members of Bundaberg District Women Veterans Inc were honoured to participate in the nationwide tree-planting program, marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Jubilee Trees for War Memorial Parks project will create an enduring, living legacy by establishing tree plantings at two Bundaberg War Memorial Parks, War Nurses Memorial Park and Lions Remembrance Park, both located on Takalvan Street.

The types of trees to be planted by Bundaberg Regional Council staff at Lions Remembrance Park are Blue/Hard Quandong (Elaeocarpus obovatus), Eumundi Quandong (Elaeocarpus eumundii), and Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla), while the trees to be planted at the War Nurses Memorial Park are Prima Donna (Elaeocarpus reticulatus CV Prima Donna), Bumby Ash (Flindersia schottiana), and Weeping Lily Pilly (Waterhousia floribunda).

Bundaberg District Women Veterans Inc’s Leone Wilson said the addition of 10 trees would beautify and enhance the street appeal of Lion’s Remembrance Park, and provide much needed shade for park attendees.

“The trees will form a Parade of Trees to complement the war memorials that reside in the park,” she said.

“The 23 trees being added to the War Nurses Memorial Park will provide shade for many park visitors enjoying the picnic and playground areas.”

Two trees, one at each park, will be planted ceremoniously – the first being a Weeping Lily Pilly in the War Nurses Memorial Park.

This ceremony will take place at 10am on Sunday 17 July and the public are welcome to attend.

The event will begin the project which will extend through to November when the final tree will be planted during a similar ceremony on Remembrance Day at Lions Remembrance Park.

Association members were very grateful to the Hinkler Electorate for providing this opportunity and to the Federal Government for assisting with some of the funding.

They were also thankful to the Bundaberg Regional Council and its staff for partnering with them to ensure efficient delivery of the project.

Association president, Jennifer Waldron said Bundaberg District Women Veterans were honoured to undertake this project on behalf of all servicewomen and servicemen of the Bundaberg region.

“It will be very fitting to have a living and lasting legacy for the community in the form of the Jubilee Tree project at two significant war memorial parks in Bundaberg that are home to the region’s WWII memorials as well as other conflicts, given the Queen’s service during WWII and her role as Colonel in Chief of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps,” she said.