Seniors drivers license

By Senior Constable Dave Didsman

Attention seniors!

When will the time come?

Seniors, are you prepared?

When will you be unable to drive?

When will I have to hand my driver’s licence in?

A daunting thought especially in relation to your independence but one we must all consider.

As a police officer I can tell you there are a number of ways that your licence can vanish.

The first is a medical condition.

Your doctor has the final say in relation to your driving future so, if you are suffering from a medical condition that may cause harm to others your driver’s licence will be taken from you by law. (For example, seizures).

The second is if family members are concerned about your driving.

(This must be evidence based, like you have had a couple of bingles of late).

If this is the case, you will again be referred to the Doctor and the Doc has the final say.

From the perspective of the police, you need to be able to drive in the modern driving world.

For example: – If you are doing 40km/hr on the highway without reason, you will be given a show cause and again the doctor will decide.

Lastly is the case of you realising that you are unable to drive and simply handing your driver’s licence in yourself.

So how do I prepare for this?

Firstly, think about your living arrangements.

Think about moving closer to town or even to a retirement resort where regular transport is provided.

Drive when you feel comfortable, for example during daylight hours only and not in rush hour.

If you are getting rid of the car then you could take a cab.

Remember fuel, registration and insurance add up so, that’s a lot of cab rides.

Or you could keep your car and dangle it as a carrot for your grandchildren.

“Take Nana shopping once a week and the car is yours.”

The secret is preparing for this time.

What is your plan?