Pete’s talent spreads like wildfire across America

Musician Pete O'Brien is excited to celebrate the release of his latest album with local audiences.

By Angela Norval

No one could ever accuse musician Pete O’Brien of not giving music everything he’s got with Pete always sharing his love of music both locally and further afield.

Now he is set to take the world by storm with the release of his current album Wildfire.

Described as country rock fused with electronica, Wildfire is a little more Keith Urban than Slim Dusty and is Pete’s fourth album.

Pete said the name Wildfire could mean so many things.

“One thing is a wildfire spreads fast and takes everything in its path and it creates disruption in people’s lives,” he said.

“Wildfire is more fitting with the American release of this album also as it means more things to a larger audience.

“The music will make you dance a lot. Everything is at a higher than the usual BPM [beats per minute], so it is rock, blues, electronica, but still most of all, it’s written from the heart.”

The release of the album is only just the start of the good news for Pete who has been perfecting his music for the past 30 years. He has also been signed to United States-based 9 Lives Records.

“I actually sat on the fence for three months when I was scouted to join the label and I had my office team go through the contract to make sure it was what I wanted to do.

“9 Lives Records, which are an indie label from Kentucky, USA, are expanding their artist range, and I was lucky enough to have been picked after they saw what I had been doing with my music here in Australia.

“I have always worked hard at my music and my last album had three songs that charted in the top 10 country music charts of Victoria and Tasmania and also created a lot of interest from overseas.”

The official launch of Wildfire will be on Sunday 26 June at Café 1928 from noon with special guests Peter Sajko and Mercia Griffies.

“At the launch, people will be able to celebrate with me as they last two years have been hard for all of us in this industry.

“The launch will give people a chance to take some time out and enjoy some lunch time entertainment and I will explain the songs to the audience.

“I have some great support acts and will also invite some of the players on the album up on stage to play a few songs from the album.

“With every launch I do, I give the chance to some young performers to play a set of their music or give someone a chance to perform to a crowd.

“This launch I am very excited to have young Mercia Griffies who has already sang our national anthem at different events, and Jo Carr Singing School has always supported me and helps me find a little superstar.

“Also, I have Peter Sajko whose originals are amazing and it’s a chance to show some record reps his tunes.

“I think it’s important to showcase what we have here in Bundaberg.”

Looking to the future, Pete has plenty to prepare for, with the album launch in America firstly on the 25 June before Australia, and the music video launch for the song Wild Fire on 27 June and the song Wild Fire will be released on radio on the 28 June.

“I play in the Duo 2EZ every weekend from the Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton. Between that and my original music, it’s going to be busy.

“But we do have some gigs coming up on some islands so maybe time to relax a little then.”