Lock it or lose it in South Kolan

Overnight on the 14 January, three vehicles were unlawfully entered in the South Kolan area. Picture: FILE

Overnight on 14 January, a vehicle was parked at a residence on Jensen Street, South Kolan when the passenger side window was smashed to gain entry.

Offender/s managed to unlock the vehicle through the smashed window before removing a handbag from inside.

Entering the vehicle caused the alarm to sound which alerted the victims to the incident.

On the same night, two vehicles were unlawfully entered at two properties on Gin Gin Road, South Kolan.

Unfortunately, both vehicles were unlocked at the time and a number of property items were stolen including a dash cam, Maui Jim sunglasses and a sum of coins.

During police investigations, a yellow high-vis shirt was located in Jensen Street which police believe may have also been stolen from the area and used to commit offences.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen suspicious activity around this time, particularly anyone wearing or in possession of a high-vis shirt, to contact Policelink.

The reference numbers for these vehicle break-ins are: reference numbers: QP2200077424, QP2200078949, QP2200078993.

It is also a timely reminder to all residents whether you live in a rural or residential area, to lock your vehicles and consider installing security camera systems.

Make good vehicle and key security a habit by following these steps:

-Always lock your vehicle, including the boot and sunroof, and remember to fully close all windows.

-Remove all valuables and personal items when leaving your car unattended, or ensure they are out of sight.

-Never hide spare keys on or in the vehicle – thieves know where to look.

-Always keep your keys out of sight and never leave vehicle keys lying around on tables, benches, bedside tables or key hooks.

-Remove keys from the ignition and lock your vehicle if your vehicle is parked or unattended, even if its only for a minute.