Robotti, the future of farming coming to Bundaberg

Corematic co-founder Scott Hansen and Nathan Attard from Formatt Machinery.

By Aaron Goodwin

An autonomous multi-purpose agricultural robot, that has been 20 years in the making, is soon touching down in Bundaberg and looking to make life much easier for farmers.

Called Robotti, it features GPS mapping technology enabling it to follow pre-programmed planned routes in the field, at speeds of up to 3mph, and 5mph where permitted.

It has two Kubota 75hp diesel or bio fuel engines; the left engine propels the machine and powers the conventional 3-point hitch, meaning it can be fitted with standard implements and perform multiple tasks in the field throughout the season.

Robotti will do all the monotonous and repetitive work like seeding, spraying, weeding, some ground preparation and mowing, which allows the owner to focus their time on perhaps more important jobs that require a human touch.

Robotti has been designed by Agrointelli, a Danish field robotics company and Corematic and Formatt Machinery have been announced as the official distributor to deliver the first robotic autonomous implement-carrier to Australian farmers.

Corematic co-founder Scott Hansen said that the Robotti is one of the most advanced and proven autonomous systems.

”We see it as an autonomous implement carrier, like a tractor but not,” Mr Hansen said.

”From everything we’ve seen, it’s one of the most proven.

”It’s got a three point linkage and a standard PTO output, which enables you to put any type of associated piece of equipment on.

”Excellent for broadacre, it’s especially designed for broadacre locations but we also see a lot of applications in the young orchard environments.

”Macadamias, almonds, citrus, when the trees are low.

”Because it’s GPS guided it needs to have good clear coverage to the sky.

”It really is there to replace auto-steer tractors.

”Almost anything you can do with an auto-steer, you can apply to this machine.”

The official launch to the public will be in Bundaberg on 24 January, from 11am-3pm, 372 Langbeckers Road, Woongarra.

The event is open to anyone wishing to interact with the Corematic and Agrointelli experts.

During this event, the Corematic team will offer a personalised demo and advice on the machine.

Corematic’s national key account manager Cyril Delorme said interested buyers will have the opportunity to book in private demonstrations, while Corematic is in Bundaberg.

”If a farmer is willing to see the machine with their own implementation, on their own field, this is something we can organise,” Mr Delorme said.

”The demonstration in Bundaberg is on Monday and we still have four days in Bundaberg for private demonstrations.

”In Bundy the interest ranges from farmers, council and universities.”

Mr Hansen said the Robotti is already widely adopted across Europe, in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, Slovakia, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

”I can see it being really applicable to councils if you want to mow a sporting field,” Mr Hansen said.

”I was talking to Nathan before about golf courses.”

Mr Hansen first saw an autonomous system like Robotti, at a robotics conference in France, back in 2019

”People are afraid of automation,” Mr Hansen said.

”It’s not about taking jobs away, it’s about giving people jobs that bring purpose.

”Sitting in an auto-steer cab and doing that all day doesn’t bring purpose or excitement to people and their jab.

”This can take the monotonous jobs away and we can re-purpose people into roles where they can bring added value.”

Robotti is an imported product, with a wait time estimated of a couple of months.

Head to Formatt Machinery Bundaberg to enquire about one.

Head to the Corematic website to register your interest for the Bundaberg field day demonstration.