Charity scavenger angst

Lifeline Retail Bundaberg volunteers are being left to clean up messes with people going through donations or leaving things not able to be resold.

By Angela Norval

For Kylie Brogden, there are days when she continues to be overcome with the commitment and dedication of members of the Lifeline Retail Bundaberg.

It is for that reason as Lifeline Wide Bay/Burnett regional business manager she is also disheartened at the extra work they are being forced to undertake based on people’s lack of consideration.

Unfortunately, charities like Lifeline Bundaberg are being greeted on a Monday morning especially with donations strewn all around the store’s carpark after people have picked through and stolen donations.

“We continue to be appreciative of the donations that residents throughout the Bundaberg region provide to Lifeline and ultimately those who are going through them are taking from what could be valuable funds for our charity,” she said.

“Through our stores we always try to keep items reasonably priced and if there is something that they notice that has been donated, maybe it might be better to come into the store the next day and negotiate a price with staff.

“We understand that often people are using the bins when having a clean out on the weekend and our Lifeline Bundaberg store may not be open; but we do ask if there isn’t room in the charity bins could people possibly hold onto their donations until the store is open and drop them inside or phone us in regards to collecting them from their home.”

Ms Brogden highlighted how well the new year had started for Lifeline Bundaberg with donations with people bringing in a broad range of products, some that even still had the price tag on them.

“It is wonderful to be able to use these donations to fundraise in our stores and ultimately make a difference in other people’s lives, rather than come to find a complete mess and at least 10 per cent of the donations having to go to landfill.

“We are lucky in that the Bundaberg Regional Council does provide us with a slight discount at the dump, but it would be better to not have to have that expense because things have been damaged by the weather, broken or are just not able to be used again.

“Most recently our Lifeline Recovery Team has been working with Red Cross to help those who have been affected by recent flooding especially in Maryborough with things such as clothes and furniture and this support makes all the difference.”

Looking into 2022, Ms Brogden continued to praise the range of volunteers at Lifeline Bundaberg who were almost like a family, continuing to show complete commitment to the cause.

“We also welcome any new volunteers looking to become a part of a great group and make a real difference to others in their community.”