Bargara Post Office makes collection easier

Craig and Mandy from Bargara Post Office are proud to have the red lockers available for their clients. Picture: INGRID BARHAM

By Angela Norval

We’ve all had that experience where you just can’t find the time in the day to get to the post office to pick up packages during business hours.

Bargara Post Office is the first in the region to provide customers with a secure, 24-hour, seven days parcel pick up through parcel lockers.

There are 83 parcel lockers, all in different sizes, free and easy to use, weatherproof and monitored by security cameras.

If receiving parcels at home is not the best option, people can sign up to have a parcel locker (or even a post office) as their delivery address for all parcels through a free MyPost account.

Bargara Post Office’s Mandy Healey said it was a day of rejoicing for she and Craig when they received approval from Australia Post to add the lockers.

“The red parcel lockers are ideal for businesses as well as individuals who usually have their parcels delivered to their homes, or who work late and can’t get to the post office during working hours,” she said.

“Knowing that the parcels are not left unattended at their homes and that they are safe in the parcel locker is a great option.

“Parcel lockers are an important part of our business as we are always looking for ideas to keep up with our customers’ needs and demands.

“Even though we are open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, some people are time-poor, in a hurry, going to and from shift-work, have to get the children off to school on time, or running late for work, or racing home from work to catch the post office in time.

“To help them so they don’t have to spend precious minutes lining up to get their parcel, the new parcel lockers have solved a lot of their problems.

“By allocating parcels outside to the lockers, it also helps to stream-line our business and keeps customer waiting times in line to a minimum.”

Once Bargara Post Office receive a parcel, staff place it into a locker and let the customer know it is ready to collect.

“To collect your parcel, you simply enter the code that Australia Post sends to your phone and email, a locker door will open and you collect your parcel,” Mandy said.

“You have 48 hours to collect it, after which we’ll transfer it back to the post office and hold it for a further 10 days.”

The parcel lockers are at the front of the Bargara Post Office at 10 See Street, so are easy to see in a well-lit area.