Bundaberg on track to break an almost 50-year record

Bundaberg's Mitchell Abdy is all thumbs up after decent rainfall in the region.

By Shane Jones

Bundaberg could be on the verge of breaking its record for the most November rainfall.

It follows last week’s heavy rain, which was a welcome relief to farmers and the rest of the community.

On Monday, Bundaberg had recorded 107.4mm of rain for the month following one of the best week’s of rain in almost a year.

Last week the Rum City recorded 4.4mm on Monday and 1.8mm on Tuesday before 48.4mm fell on Wednesday – one of the best days of rain since July.

Bundaberg then followed it up with 26.8mm on Thursday and 23.8mm on Friday.

The November rainfall record is 227.4mm, which was recorded in 1974.

According to Weatherzone monthly data, Bundaberg is expected to receive rain from 23 to 27 November, which could put the region above the record.

At time of print, Bundaberg could receive as much as 50mm during that week and more was expected to fall the following week.

Even if the added rain doesn’t break the record, the rainfall is a significant improvement from last year, with just 1mm falling throughout November 2020.

Across October and November last year, just 23.4mm of rain fell.

So far this month Bundaberg has received more than four times that amount.