139 lots proposed for Kinkuna Waters estate

Bundaberg Regional Council has applied for a further 139 lots, for stage two of the council owned, Kinkuna Waters estate. Picture: BRC

By Aaron Goodwin

Bundaberg Regional Council has submitted a reconfiguring lot application, to develop 139 lots at the Kinkuna Waters estate in Woodgate.

The application was lodged for stage two of the estate on Woodgate Road, the proposal saying the lots would be released in three stages.

The lot sizes would vary between 1,400 and 2,800 square metres, with the 139 lots spaced out over 38.5 hectares of land.

The estate is seven kilometres west of the Woodgate township.

”The proposed subdivision will successfully integrate into, and is consistent with the prevailing character of the existing Kinkuna Waters Estate,” the proposal says.

”As with the existing Kinkuna Waters Estate it is proposed that a covenant will be placed on the new lots to prevent further subdivision.

”It is also proposed that the covenant will be expanded to prohibit the use of the lots for duplexes.

”The proposal plans also show that as part of Stage 1, a 7.187ha environmental reserve lot will be created.

”This reserve will include an artificial wetland/conservation area which will collect and treat the stormwater from the subdivision and include the existing vegetation adjacent to the northern property boundary which will be retained.”