Bundaberg Police tackling rise in assaults

Bundaberg Police Officer in Charge Michael McGarry, is pleased to see property offences down by 25 percent. Picture: AARON GOODWIN

By Aaron Goodwin

Bundaberg Police are hopeful that longer banning notices from licensed premises will help deter a near 20 percent rise in assault cases, recorded in the 2020/21 financial year.

Statistics from the 2020/21 financial year also show a 25 percent reduction in property offences across the Bundaberg area.

From 15 September, Police initial banning notices from licensed premises and Safe Night Precinct’s will extend from 10-30 days.

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 a police officer can also give you a police banning notice from these places if you have behaved in a disorderly, offensive or violent way.

Bundaberg Police Officer in Charge, Senior Sergeant Michael McGarry, said if you’re going to partake in violent and threatening behaviour in and around licensed premises, expect to be hit with a banning notice and possibly a day in court.

”We have a zero tolerance for that sort of behaviour around licensed premises,” Snr Sgt McGarry said.

”That should be a real message of deterrence to those who think they can go out to a licensed premises, assault anyone, partake or participate in threatening or violent behaviour.

”People go out to have a good time, not to have their safety put at risk by people who drink to excessively.”

Senior Sergeant McGarry said with the near 20 percent increase in assaults, most are occurring in private dwellings, making it difficult for Police to prevent them.

”We remind the community usually alcohol is a factor in that ,” Snr Sgt McGarry said.

”Just make sure we are drinking in moderation, if they’re other factors that are contributing, reach out to the community service providers.

”It’s very difficult dealing with an assault matter, usually an injury is a result.

”It’s difficult for us to prevent assaults that occur in the home, we can’t be in people’s homes

”The message with domestic violence is clear, contact us.

”We can help, we will help.”

To many people continue to leave their car unlocked said Senior Sergeant McGarry, despite the 25 percent reduction in property offences.

Property offences include offences such as stealing, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, unlawful entry, robbery and housebreaking.

”That reduction is a result of excellent police work by Bundaberg Police, Bundaberg detectives, first response Police,” Snr Sgt McGarry said.

”To come down 25 percent is an excellent result for the community.

”Most property offences can be prevented just through some simple actions

”The one that we try to get across all the time is lock you car.

”If you lock your car, it is highly unlikely that your car will be unlawfully entered.

”Bundaberg is a very safe community and these numbers reflect it.”