Medieval flavour to the show

The SCA Burnfield Chapter put on a feast of combat at the 2021 Bundaberg Show. Pictures: AARON GOODWIN

By Aaron Goodwin

The sound of clashing swords and steel rung through the grounds of the 2021 Bundaberg Show, with enthralling exhibitions of medieval fighting and creativity on display.

The Society for Creative Anachronism’s (SCA) Burnfield chapter made their second appearance at the show, after their first appearance in 2019.

Out in greater numbers this time around, the chapter’s warriors, craftsman, ladies and herald put on a two day display of their club’s activities, which includes martial combat, arts and sciences and all the quirky costumes and titles from the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

”The fighting events draw the crowd in and then once the crowd is drawn in, to actually walk around and get the information,” Mr Lyons said.

”People are really interested in what we’ve got to offer in the history side of things.

”It’s great to see all the heavy hitters but when you start to get in here and see how someone makes chainmail, how someone makes an arrow, the woodwork we make by hand.

”We would say we are all fans of the medieval period, we enjoy the events we do.”

The Burnfield chapter covers Bundaberg right up to Townsville and hosts numerous events throughout the year, plus monthly meetings, practices and arts and sciences workshops.

Heavy combat, with sword and shield and Rapier fighting, similar to fencing, was on display throughout the Bundaberg Show, with the Medieval Tournament on Thursday night in the main arena.

Roy Worrall is known as Robin of Twyford and is the Herald who announces combats and he also featured in the Rapier boughts.

”People make what they used to make back in medieval times,” Mr Worrall said.

”Anything that is useful for living during the day or is entertaining to indulge in.

”The look of the thing is what draws the people in.

”The chairs you’re sitting on, we make those.

”I wouldn’t do it for 20 years if it wasn’t fun.”

The Arts and Sciences section of the SCA is where members learn about the past by researching period arts, crafts and traditions, which they then learn to create for themselves.

Creating for example; armor, pottery, costumes, metalworking, gardening, music and poetry

Martial activities include; armored combat, fencing, archery, thrown weapons and equestrian activities

Events occur almost every weekend of the year include tournaments, Royal Court, dancing, workshops or a grand feast.

Members wear clothing appropriate to the Middle Ages or Renaissance eras.

”There’s no requirement in the SCA to attend on a regular basis,” Mr Lyons said.

”You can invest as minimal amount of time by making a single outfit of a period and attending a event.

”Or you can invest, like my good lady and I do, we are both retied but we invest a huge amount of time in building things and putting it all together.

”It’s equal opportunity society, you can be anything you want to be.

”If you want to come tomorrow dressed as a lady, you would be hearty accepted, although I might tell you to shave first

”Nobody is going to judge you, totally inclusive.”

To find out more events coming up or to join, head to their Facebook page, SCA Burnfield.