Referees out to impress at the state titles

Referees Ben Smith and Hailey Kendall will be involved in refereeing at the upcoming junior school boys and girls state titles. Picture: SHANE JONES

By Shane Jones

Ben Smith and Hailey Kendall will both have important roles at the upcoming school state titles for junior hockey for boys and girls.

But neither will be playing.

Instead both will be refereeing.

They were selected after impressing while refereeing during the trials to select the Wide Bay players that would go to the event.

“It was a two-day carnival,” Kendall said.

“First day we did maybe five, six games and the second day was four games.”

Kendall said it was good to be picked and was looking forward to doing her job at the carnival.

But the focus was to make sure she was confident with her decisions.

“Referees don’t get much recognition as the players, it’s good to be picked,” she said.

“I guess I’ll just try my best and be confident.

“You want to let the players play the best game, so you don’t want to be a bad umpire.

“I’ll stick with my calls.”

Both will head to the titles from 16 to 20 June.

Bundaberg Today will cover players from Bundaberg selected for the teams next week.

Meanwhile, one Bundy player will travel to Rockhampton next week, looking to win gold for Wide Bay in the senior school titles.

Clara Cislowski will play as the goalkeeper in the team and has used different ways to train.

“I just train with the ladies and my club to get as much in as I can,” she said.

“We have our two training sessions with the team before the event.”

The Raiders Rovers player said those would be important to make sure the defence, made up of other Wide Bay players, could be prepared for the challenge.

“That’s why at our training sessions it’s very important we gel,” Cislowski said.

“The goal is to give it all you’ve got.”

Cislowski and the team will be aiming to win gold just like last year’s team.

Her focus is simple.

“It’s mainly to keep it away from the opposition, keep it wide and make as many good saves as I can,” she said.

The titles start on 3 June.