Blue Edge program provides fitness and friendship

Blue Edge fitness and well-being program allows students to get fit and have focus.

By Angela Norval

With a steady focus on fitness and education and following the success of last year’s all-boys program, Childers Police and Isis District State High School have partnered again for the Blue Edge Fitness and well-being program for students.

Local police officer Constable Rohin Power and physical education teacher Lauren Warschauer enlisted the help of community volunteers to run the twice-weekly program, this time for a group of 23 girls.

Student Bridget said the best aspect of the program for her was the workout.

“We then get the opportunity to listen to someone’s story whilst having a great breakfast,” she said.

“Participating in Blue Edge has helped me focus in class more and has also helped with my fitness and sleep.”

She is not the only student singing the praises of this program with Katie saying: “I enjoy going to Blue Edge because it has made me more fit and I have regained a friendship that I had lost previously.”

The beauty of the program is that it involves a workout, a cooked breakfast and guest presentations from local mentors such as personal trainers, counsellors and employers.

Past participants have continued to volunteer at the program and more exercise programs have started up at the school as a result.

Student Alex said the best aspect for her was improving her fitness.

“I have also spent time with people I would never thought I would,” she said.

Ruby also enjoys Blue Edge saying: “You feel a part of the group and you have fun with friends, you also get a delicious breakfast. It has helped me with my mood, school work, fitness and sleep.”

Rebecca enjoys Blue Edge because they get a chance to connect with girls from all ages and hear and learn from many other people’s experiences.

Combining physical activity and friendship has also worked for Maddy, who said the program helped her get fit and gain muscle.

“It also helps me build friendships with others,” she said.

The program is funded by the Blue Light Association and supported by the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Officer in Charge of Childers Police Station, Sergeant Geoff Fay.