Alison’s family legacy

Alison Rogers remembers those like her husband Albert Oliver Rogers who bravely served their country.

By Angela Norval

With a clear community focus and a genuine desire to bring happiness to the world, it is easy to see the positive outlook that has kept Alison Rogers going for 93 years.

Alison is a valuable part of the Bundaberg Legacy’s widows group Legacy Ladies, attending regular occasions to maintain social interaction with others who understand her journey, many of whom are heading towards 100 years old.

Legacy supports the partners and children of veterans who have seen their loved ones leave our shores to serve in wars from World War I and World War II, to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many never made the journey home and others returned bearing the physical and mental scars of war.

Legacy also supports the families of those who might have died many years after serving our nation.

Alison has an appreciation for the efforts of our soldiers in so many different wars, with her husband Albert Oliver Rogers – known to friends as Jim – fighting in World War I and her son Bruce Rogers in Vietnam.

Both returned to their Bundaberg home.

She also witnessed a lot of the effects of war first-hand, even seeing some air force planes go down over South Kolan in one of her Dad’s paddocks, family members fighting in World War I and II, and also being a part of the necessary war effort at home.

Although Jim has passed away, Alison’s son Bruce will be one of the leaders in the Anzac Day parade in May Street, Bundaberg, a march that is well-supported by the community.

Alison will be part of the 10am Anzac Day service in her residential village, paying her respects as she has always done since attending the Anzac Day marches with her father Alfred Jensen as a young girl.

“On Anzac Day I want to always encourage the youth of Australia to have respect for those who have served and helped to make Australia the country that it is today,” she said.

“I have learnt myself to be thankful for every day and all that I have while also remaining healthy and cheerful.

“It is nice for me to know I have the support of Legacy and my fellow Legacy Ladies who are a wonderful group of women and knowing that all my family have their feet on Australian soil as I am proud to have six children myself, 20 grandchildren and 39 great grandchildren.”