Well known comedian ready to find new talent in Bundaberg

Comedian Anthony Lamond has had a very diverse career in stand-up comedy.

by Angela Norval

Ever the guy making his fellow students laugh as far back as primary school, it was only natural that well known comedian Anthony Lamond ended up taking this natural talent to the stage.

Although not afraid to be laughed at and with a self-confessed people pleaser personality, surprisingly Anthony actually didn’t really consider stand-up comedy until he was doing some acting lessons and the teacher told him stand-up comedy would help with his auditions, to be able to improv and think on the spot.

So he enrolled in a stand-up comedy course and at the completion of that started working at that venue.

Andrew said while the first two times he admits to feeling like he could die on stage he didn’t want to quit.

“I knew I had something to offer but had to become more confident on stage; so developing a character for stage was something that helped overcome this which I talk about in my workshop,” he said.

“While I would still describe my style of comedy as taking the mickey out of myself, it is also observational; I will often see a sign on the side of the road or hear a news story and take it in a completely different direction.”

Anthony will be sharing his talent on Saturday January 23 as part of the Pass the Mic Stand-Up Comedy Workshop at the School of Arts Building.

The comedy workshop that Anthony creates is both welcoming and judgment free especially as he prides himself on being a very supportive teacher and just completed a Certificate and graduated as a Mental Health Peer Support Worker – Through Live Experience course so he hold space for the participants and lets them express themselves.

It is lucky for 13 to 18 year olds to spend this time with Anthony because since producing comedy shows he has been lucky to share the stage with comedians such as Dave Hughes, Lawrence Mooney, Merrick Watts, Heath Franklin aka “Chopper” Chris Franklin aka “The Bloke” Cal Wilson and Jimeoin.

Two comedians that he has shared the stage with the most was “The Old Fella” who became an overnight superstar after finishing fourth on Australia’s Got Talent back in 2012.

Anthony ended up producing and hosting over 150 shows with him and also mother of five Fiona O’Loughlin, who he would have done the same amount of shows with her over the past five years.

“The turning point in my career was The Old Fella comedian because we were working together at a club in Adelaide for $80 per night.

“The Old Fella was a retired farmer from South Australia who started stand-up comedy at the age of 65 years of age and then he auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent and Australia loved him; he went on to finish fourth and overnight his price went from $80 to $2500.

“He was hot property selling out 300-500 seaters in RSL Clubs in hours, not days, hours.

“It opened both our eyes up about the power of television as The Old Fella Power would have done nearly 1000 gigs over the four years, it truly was a great learning curve.”

Anthony himself continues to be a fan of live audiences and especially being able to build that connection with the audience that is needed with comedy.

“I remember an elderly lady come up to me after a show one time and said it was the first time she has laughed since losing her husband two years earlier after 50 years of marriage; that’s pretty powerful words.”

It will definitely be a learning experience for those attending the Pass the Mic workshop as Anthony will be touching on a lot of different areas including the science of laughter, looking at why do we laugh and what are we laughing at because it is always one thing to be funny in front of family and friends but in stand-up comedy you need to make strangers laugh.

Other areas discussed a lot include creating a character for stage, writing and constructing material, taking your thoughts and making them funny.

“Everyone who signs up comes to workshop with varying levels of experience and that is totally fine because it’s all about each individual’s journey and personal growth.

“Everyone leaves with more confidence and purpose than when they arrived.

“I think it will be interesting with the workshop age 13 to 18 years, as I find that working with the youth today they are more exposed to different types of comedy through social media so they are already coming with a particular style of stand-up they want to try and that really excites them.

“Also it’s a great way to express and find yourself; writing down your thoughts and finding the humour in them has a healing power attached to it which is quite therapeutic.”

Needless to say Anthony is excited to visit Bundaberg, absolutely believing that he will find some comedians ready to come into their own.

Just like his own journey, Anthony continues to appreciate that there is so much talent out in Australia that needs an opportunity to be seen and heard; highlighting that there are so many people with different views on the world which makes for interesting and funny entertainment.

“I have no doubt there is someone in Bundaberg right now who has been curious about stand-up comedy and this could just be the workshop that gives them a vehicle to explore in more depth

“I would get no more satisfaction than seeing in three to five years times one of my students on a comedy gala just knowing that this workshop helped launched their career.”