Gin Gin celebrate the end of a special year for its senior students

Gin Gin State High School student Bevan Gathercole. PHOTO: Brian Cassidy

By Shane Jones

When Bundaberg Today’s formal special comes out it will have been one month since Gin Gin State High School and its year 12 students celebrated their special day.

November 18 was when Gin Gin State High School and its seniors celebrated the end of an interesting year with their formal.

It followed exams for its students.

Bundaberg Today was there, taking snaps of all the happy students that finished their final year of school.

From cool cars, to cool hats, to pretty dresses and suits it was all there.

This article contains all the photos that Bundaberg Today took from that night, which will be published in our formal special, that will be released this Friday, December 18.

So make sure you get a copy to celebrate a fantastic year by Bundy students in a tough time for all.

It will also contain all the photos from the other schools that celebrated their year with a formal.