Playgroup provides community spirit for Gin Gin

Gin Gin Families Playgroup is a great morning out for families

by Angela Norval

With relaxed, well laid out surrounds and a great community feel, Gin Gin is continuing to be a place that has something for everyone, especially families.

In an attempt to provide families with a variety of opportunities to come together and have a good time, the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre continues to have some fantastic events in their line-up.

One of those is the Gin Gin Families Playgroup every second Wednesday each month.

Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre Community Development Officer Venessa Van Peype said the regular playgroup came out as a way to compliment existing playgroups in the area.

“Funded through a Thriving Queensland Communities grant, the playgroup started in October 2019 and is a perfect opportunity for families to meet each other and for children to learn through play in a very relaxed environment,” she said.

“Designed for children from zero to five years old, it has been wonderful to see some families meet and develop some great friendships through playgroup and it is also ideal group for those who are new to town with small children.

“We appreciate that early childhood development is vitally important for young children and this is why we provide a learning through play experience at the Youth Activity Centre Station Street, Gin Gin on alternate Wednesdays to Play2Learn at Dear Street Park.”

As well as being a lot of fun with story time, sing alongs, painting, creative activities and play equipment, the Gin Gin Families Playgroup operates in a COVID safe environment which is comforting for parents.

“Gin Gin is a vibrant community and through the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre we are proud to be able to foster this community feel and share so many great activities including craft groups, weekly Tai Chi and more.”

Phone Bonnie about Play2Learn on 0429 892 225 or contact Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre on 4130 4630 to book in with the next playgroup on October 14th starting at 9.30am until 11.30am following the school holidays.