‘Iva’ got it

    Supported employee Iva Thomas embraces a welcoming atmosphere at the Endeavour Foundation's Bundaberg's Business Solutions.

    Endeavour Foundation staff at Bundaberg’s Business Solutions say they’re a site filled with sparkle when it comes to smiles, skills and ability, a warm and friendly atmosphere that couldn’t be emulated more than by 31-year-old supported employee, Iva Thomas.

    With 12 years of experience under her belt, Iva has held nearly every job on the production floor – from manufacturing, packaging, and mini bagging, to running production errands.

    However, the role she loves most is taking new recruits under her wing.

    “I treat them like anybody else,” Iva said.

    “We’re all new at some point, and it can be daunting.

    “So, I like to show them what to do, stand with them, and watch them while they do it,” said Iva.

    But the kind and diligent, ‘mother-hen’, doesn’t stop there.

    If her fellow supported employees are struggling with a task, she works out how the task can be adapted to best suit their abilities, achieving an equally successful outcome.

    “Give me a challenge and I’ll figure it out, and work out what other people need,” Iva confirmed.

    Business Solution’ employment coach, Carol Charlton, said on this International Women’s Day, Iva was a perfect role model for all women, showcasing genuine care, respect, and kindness.

    “Iva can do anything.

    “We love how she just comes to work and effortlessly takes it upon herself to ensure nothing is missed and no-one is left behind.

    “She has a way about her, that is mothering, but also leads by example and her colleagues really appreciate and respect her for everything she does,” confirmed Ms Charlton.