Busy times on the water

    Kyle and Dale with a couple of nice fish.

    As the offshore weather is not looking too bad for this weekend’s forecast I am sure there will be a lot of boats getting out on the water.

    Also if you’re heading out offshore and want to catch that quality fish try your luck for some live bait around the leads.

    Yellowtail yakka are definitely the go to bait for targeting your bigger species, although if the sharks aren’t in plague force like they have been your mullet, fillet and your slab baits will definitely bring in those bigger fish.

    Due to the bigger tides this weekend, it might be worth fishing, the shallow water, either inshore, or the warrigoes we have heard of some good trout being caught at this location.

    Also pilchards for bait are definitely one of our trouts’ favourite baits.

    I have also heard the Spanish mackerel have been lurking around also with some good quality school mackerel and some good quality. Spanish caught in the local area in the past week trawling lures and floating live bait or live.

    Pilleys definitely works really well for targeting these fish.

    If you do happen to go out on the water this weekend, stay safe as it will be very busy for boating traffic.

    Also, we know the weather is looking great for this weekend, but always double check your weather forecast before heading out inshore or offshore as it may change at any time especially this time of the year

    The river systems have been firing with some good quality river prawns been caught in the local town reach area and also the Port of Bundaberg.

    We have definitely seen some good numbers of prawns caught in the past week.

    They are beautiful eating and live prawns.

    Also great for live bait if you’re targeting species in the river we hope you have a great weekend.

    Stay safe and happy fishing.