Right advice when adopting new pet

    Kaiah is obedient and well-mannered and is an ideal companion for a family.

    Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience for people of all ages, providing companionship, an opportunity for bonding with children or simply a fun way to exercise.

    Thankfully, when looking to care for both dogs and cats and as you can see through this specialist feature, there are dedicated locals available to help whether it is through important veterinary care and advice or well-balanced pet food and treats.

    As pet owners themselves, these local businesses and veterinary service know just how important a pet can be to someone’s life and the importance of quality care every time.

    If you are looking to possibly introduce a new four-legged family member to your home, Red Collar Rescue’s Sharyn Banks has a true passion for rescuing and rehoming dogs.

    Red Collar Rescue attends the pound twice a week to collect unclaimed or surrendered pets and loves nothing more than seeing them go to their forever home, but providing substantial care for them in the interim.

    Like other charities, Red Collar Rescue is run entirely by dedicated volunteers in order to find comfort and safe shelter for dogs.

    While the Red Collar Rescue website details a range of cuties that are available for adoption including their medical history, age and temperament, here are two beautiful girls to start with.

    Kaiah is a seven-year-old female Black Labrador/Swiss Shepherd who comes with a full medical history including desexing and vaccinations.

    Obedient and well-mannered, while also having a loving nature, she is fully house-trained, making her an ideal companion for any family.

    Reveling in ear scratches and belly rubs, Kaiah also has a playful side which extends to her love for water, splashing and swimming during warm afternoons.

    Saidee is a Blue Merle Border Collie who also comes complete with a full medical history including desexing and vaccinations.

    Saidee is always ready for playtime, especially when it involves running around a big garden.

    Although she has a lot of energy, Saidee is also very affectionate towards her family and loves a big cuddle.

    She is fully house-trained and has an excellent temperament especially with children.