Just 4 Fun Entertainment draws on music knowledge

    Name that Tune is a great chance to get a variety of age groups together to test their knowledge.

    When it comes to music knowledge, Just 4 Fun Entertainment proprietor Lisa Hriljac is the queen, forever researching Australian song charts from over the years and increasing her own music knowledge to be ready for her next music inspired event.

    Just 4 Fun Entertainment also has an extensive lineup for 2024 ready, with one so popular, Name That Tune is being held across a number of local establishments.

    Lisa said Name That Tune was a combination of music questions with five rounds including everything from identifying song titles and artists to a speed round at half time which is a real pressure cooker.

    “We always have some general music trivia questions too with topics ranging from musical instruments to finishing song lyrics and of course the night is always complete with loads of fun and laughs,” she said.

    “All teams are given an answer booklet to write their answers in and the top three scoring teams on the night win great prizes such as venue vouchers.

    “All decades of music are covered from the 1950s through to today’s hits, so we end up having teams who are made up of children, parents and grandparents.

    “It is a perfect opportunity to get all generations together to work on and contribute answers from their era and we actually find that teams with varied age groups tend to be the ones who place on the leader board.”

    Given Lisa’s research and extensive experience in these events, she tends to choose songs that have made the top 10 and cover all genres from country, pop, rock, Aussie and even includes television themes on the odd occasion.

    Name That Tune can be played on the first Thursday of every month at The Club Hotel starting 7 March and the third Thursday of every month at the Spotted Dog starting on 15 February.

    “I am so lucky to have a loyal following of regulars who attend every month with anywhere from 130 to 180 players.

    “As it is so popular, taking on new teams can be tricky as we are restricted by the room size and often hit maximum capacity before the event has even been advertised.

    “To be able to offer another date in the month, it means we can meet some new faces and of course have more options for our existing players who are often disappointed if other commitments clash on the same night.

    “I am excited to bring Name That Tune to the Club Hotel, it’s always great to mix things up and try new dinner options as well as have some fun and banter with different staff across all of our great venues.

    “What I love the most is seeing friends and family interact and reminisce on good times through music.

    “With trivia nights, phones are not allowed to be used during the rounds so I think it is important for people to actively communicate without a screen distracting them where possible.

    “I like to create events that focus on taking time out from digital technology and challenging your memory in new, fun ways.

    “I also love being able to select songs from years gone that can be introduced to a younger demographic and potentially enjoyed by generations to come.

    “There are some amazing songs from every decade and it’s amazing to hear how music has evolved with each passing era, not only the sound and styles but also the lyrics.

    “Music from the 50s and 60s was so innocent and when compared to some of those in today’s hits, it can be quite interesting – although some might say alarming.”

    All ages are welcome and booking can be made via the Just 4 Fun Facebook Page or by emailing Lisa: info@just4fun.net.au