More cemeteries of the Isis

    Apple Tree Creek

    The Apple Tree Creek Cemetery is on Drummond Street down from the Apple Tree Creek Sports Ground.

    The cemetery was established in 1887.

    Using the traditional interment format Apple Tree Creek Cemetery is set out on seven hectares by religious denomination.

    The council takes great pride in ensuring the cemetery is a place of peace where the community can remember and pay tribute to loved ones at this historic landmark.

    Richard Hendle

    “According to the ‘The Queenslander’ of 1897, Richard Hendle’s father, John, came to the Isis scrub in 1871 to cut timber.

    John had married in Gayndah, then spent time working around Maryborough before moving north.

    It is generally accepted that Sydney Richard Hendle, (1874) was the first child born in the Isis. He was one of eight children.

    Of the eight children, only four lived into the 20th century.

    Alice and Joseph died as babes.

    Mary died in 1881, aged 20, a young wife. John Jr was laid to rest in Maryborough, aged 27 in 1895.

    The unfortunate circumstances which dogged so many of the Hendle family continued, when Richard, at just 32, was thrown from his horse one evening in 1906, suffered a concussion and passed away as a result.

    His father, John, died in 1907, and his mother in 1911, having lived to their 70s”. Richard is buried in the Presbyterian section of the Cemetery.

    Harry Dale

    Harry Dale was born in New Zealand.

    Harry died aged about 37yrs on June 27, 1909 and was buried in June 1909 at the Apple Tree Creek Cemetery.

    “On 27 June (1909) Wirth Bros. Circus worker, Harry Dale (40yrs), was killed by the elephant Toby at Childers Railway yards.

    Dale and Tony were shunting trucks when the elephant turned on him, butting him in the chest and body against a railway truck.

    Dale fell to the ground and Toby butted him again before running off. Dale died 15 minutes later”.

    (The Naracoorte Herald SA 5th July 1909 also Maryborough Chronicle Wide Bay Burnett General Advertiser 28th June 1909) Harry Dale –

    Killed by an Enraged Elephant.

    “At Childers (Queensland) a menagerie attendant, Henry Dale, attached to Wirth Brothers’ Circus, met his death in an appalling manner on June 27. The unfortunate man was in charge of an elephant which was transporting material to a special train at the railway-station, and on its arrival there with the load the elephant, which had previously shown signs of bad temper, suddenly pinned Dale against a railway truck with its head.

    The injured man, whose chest was crushed flat, died shortly afterwards, He was a single man, a native of New Zealand. The same animal is alleged to have previously killed two”.

    Harry is buried in the Church of England section of the Cemetery.

    Childers Lawn Cemetery

    The Childers Lawn Cemetery is located at 64 Huxley Road, North Isis off North Isis Road.

    The cemetery is a well-presented facility on five hectares of land and provides an essential community service.

    Established in 1983, the cemetery, in addition to interment in the lawn cemetery, also offers a niche wall for ashes placement.

    Council takes great pride in ensuring the cemetery is maintained to a standard reflecting community expectation.