Rivers performing well

    Nice work Nick.

    Burrnett River

    The local river systems have being producing some good crabs in and around the creeks.

    Even Skyringville has seen some good crabs with these big tides and full moon.

    Some good summer whiting have also being caught around the mouth of Skyringville lately with most being that 35cm plus which is a good size fish.

    Flathead also have being running around the mouth with locals finding some good size flathead and they are in some really good numbers also.

    Using soft plastics and live baits have being a good idea for targeting these fish.

    With the weather forecast not looking to good this weekend it might be time to stick to the rivers.

    With this low up north we may get some rain over the next couple days also so it may be a good idea to put some crab pots out as they love a bit of fresh water.

    Start of this week we found that locals getting amongst some Jew fish in the river which these fish normally come and go threw out the year usually on the sand bars and down near the mouth of the river you find the bigger ones and even in your deep holes in our system.

    Be sure to use live bait for these guys to as they can’t turn down some fresh live bait, getting live bait some times can be tough but if you go on the low tide and try get up your narrow creeks and over shallow muddy sand bars you find you may pick up some mullet or some prawns for live bait, even the odd sprat.

    Baffle Creek

    As the warmer weather is still around it’s definitely being a great year to target jacks as Barra season is not open yet, which it’s coming up start of next month, it may pay to start targeting these guys in and around the mangroves or rock bars.

    Once again, these fish love a good live bait and as they say the bigger bait, the bigger the fish.

    If you’re out on the water in the next few days happy fishing stay safe and we hope you have a great long weekend.

    Happy Australia Day stay safe from the guys at runningtide!