Sonic Playground ready to rock Bundaberg

Sonic Playground knows how to bring the hype to a performance.

By Angela Norval

After a quiet year last year, Sonic Playground is well and truly ready to blow off the cobwebs and bring the party back to venues and events throughout the region.

A four-piece rock cover band, Sonic Playground has been making waves in Bundaberg for four years and continues to be all about giving the crowd the best experience possible, adapting song choices and energy levels to suit any occasion.

From entertaining small rooms and small crowds all the way up to the biggest and busiest venues, Sonic Playground knows how to deliver set after set of awesome and fun filled entertainment.

It is no wonder that Sonic Playground continues to be a welcome choice for getting the crowd up on their feet because they are not amateurs when it comes to live shows, with a collection 35 years of professional music experience.

Music is something that comes naturally to all members of the band who have all been interested in music since they were very young, taking up playing instruments as children.

Lead vocalist Nikki Bone has grown into a real rock chick, showcasing enormous energy on stage and amazing the audience with her incredible vocal range.

Lead rhythm guitarist Blair Warwick picked up a guitar at 11 and has never looked back. Ten years later and he is still going strong, bringing his huge rock sound to the band.

Showing that variety is the spice of life, Matt Norris covers bass guitar and keyboards for the band.

Matt started playing guitar at the age of four before picking up the bass at 10.

He has been playing professionally now for 10 years and has played with multiple renowned recording artists.

Matt adds another element to the gig by replacing the bass with keys in certain songs.

Ken Patterson has been a drummer for almost 20 years and in that time has been a session drummer on multiple recordings with some of Queensland’s best artists, as well as playing with various professional bands and other artists.

At their gigs, Sonic Playground play a hugely varying selection of music from the past four decades, ranging from the classic rock songs from the ’70s to the latest and greatest pop songs from the current charts.

It makes sense given some of their influences are very punk and alternate rock, with plenty of energy including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hole, Pink, Sublime, Green Day and Foo Fighters.

It is clear that Sonic Playground enjoy playing together, having met through friends of friends and by chance all still get along four years later.

Asked what it is about playing live that the band enjoys the most, Blair said it was making people happy with their music.

“It is great hearing them say ‘I love that song, I haven’t heard it in a while’ or ‘thanks for the great night’ as we basically love playing music and being able to entertain the crowds,” he said.

“It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t ever really feel like a job because of how much you love it.

“Sonic Playground has really grown over the years considering we started out playing exclusively pub rock and now we have an amalgamation of pop, punk, rock, ska and all sorts of other genres we have twisted into our own eclectic style.

“Looking to the future we are just excited to play gigs in new venues, but truthfully we are just excited to be playing to anyone who will dance after this whole coronavirus situation.”

Sonic Playground will be playing upstairs at the Metro Hotel on Saturday 6 February, but if you want to keep up to date with where they are playing and what they are doing you can always follow them on Instagram @sonic_playgroundband or