Peter ready to get the party started with new single

Pete O'Brien continues to love being a part of the local music scene.

by Angela Norval

Pete O’Brien is a musician who definitely has been making the most of 2020 and he is ready to share the third song from his latest double album X.X. that is continuing to receive rave reviews.

‘Where’s the Party At’, is definitely one to get people up and dancing with a quick tempo and a great beat.

A musician with 30 years experience, Pete unquestionably knows how to entertain a crowd, but surprisingly hasn’t always been at the front of the stage.

Pete actually started as a lighting technician travelling around Australia before working at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Having always been a fan of his big brother Michael who owned the stage with his band, Pete decided to give it a go in his 20’s and hasn’t looked back, becoming very popular with local audiences.

Asked to describe his style of music, Pete definitely has something for everyone with a bit of country, a bit of rock and also a bit of a southern influence while still having a hard edge to it.

Although in the same breadth some of his songs have also been known to tug at the heart strings including Son of Mine from X.X. that as the name suggests he wrote for his own son Ricki-Lee.

Another song that has gotten the big tick of approval from fans on the album X.X. is Long Road which talks about the different journeys everyone has in life, reaching all the way to Tasmanian audiences making it to number four on the 2020 official Tasmanian and OZCMR Top 40 in September.

Pete said with the release of this special radio edit of his song, he wants to share in the excitement as it grows and we rise up out of the Covid-19 situation.

“This song highlights my vocal ability with some high notes that will get you dancing around the house and singing along,” he said.

“I knew it was a winner when it was the most requested song from my Facebook Live Shows on Friday Nights.

“Basically I just wanted to release a feel good song and get out there and spread a bit of cheer.”

Despite considerable loss of income during Covid-19 restrictions, Pete never lost sight of his desire to entertain and stay connected with his supporters and his fellow musicians on Pete’s Garage on Facebook Live.

But as restrictions continue to ease, Pete is back performing and also as part of duo 2EZ which showcases great male/female range between he and Eva Kiraly and some awesome eighties music that will definitely have crowds wanting more as well as some smooth acoustics.

Until then ‘Where’s the Party At’ which can be requested on your local radio station could certainly become a weekend anthem.

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