Bre and Jay take audiences of a laidback journey through music

vocalist Bre Ferguson and guitarist Jay Furnish work well together as Gypsy Lane.

by Angela Norval

A must-see when it comes to live music, Gypsy Lane consisting of vocalist Bre Ferguson and guitarist Jay Furnish who are continuing to wow local audiences with their unique take on some popular tunes.

There was something about music that had always inspired Bre who started performing solo very young progressing into her teenage years.

Finding further inspiration having met Jay Furnish through gigs, Bre was excited to have the wonderful opportunity to become part of Gypsy Lane.

For Jay it was simple, it all started with Hendrix and other guitar legends on the ABC TV show Rage, which inspired him to play guitar with his first instrument a cheap acoustic guitar.

Jay began to continually acquire more guitar skills before eventually forming Gypsy Lane.

Gypsy Lane plays everything in between from classic rock to now, also covering various artists including the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac all the way to the newer music like Dua Lipa.

Bre and Jay love how well they get along, having a few laughs here and there while keeping a professional approach to gigs.

As a talented guitarist, Jay said it is obvious in her natural flair that Bre loves to sing and they match well with the music they like to perform.

“We have fun with covering songs and always look for new and old influences to expand our repertoire,” he said.

“Gypsy Lane’s music is funky with groove, yet laid back.

“With our range covering great artists, it is important for us to not only have fun and show through our performance, but also to show our audience a relaxed atmosphere as well.”

Bre highlighted that she and Jay love performing for so many reasons.

“To be up on that stage, it is real, raw and authentic,” she said.

“The vibe that being onstage creates is magical at times and sometimes it’s very upbeat too.”

Gypsy Lane’s musical style has continue to grow, always looking to bring a fresh approach to their gigs and taking them in a creative direction to ensure they keep their music different yet varied.

Looking to the future Gypsy Lane will continue to expand much more in terms of genre, instruments and creative song writing.

Bre and Jay can’t wait to see what 2021 brings them and are continuing to wow audiences until then.