Experience continues to shine with Peter’s gigs

Peter O'Brien loves nothing more than sharing a great song with the audience.

by Angela Norval

With very mixed musical influences who were the stars of his youth including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, CCR, Ross Ryan and Jim Croce, Peter O’Brien commonly known as ‘The Other Bloke’ has become known for giving audiences a musical journey through his live performances.

Peter starting singing in high school before starting a band at school called Free Spirit that played at many local pubs and his love of performing went from there.

Asked what it is about playing guitar he enjoys the most, Peter said he loved being able to do something that brought other people joy.

“To see people singing along and dancing is the biggest buzz,” he said.

“For me it is also an ideal way to shut out the world for a while and just lose myself in the music.

“At my live gigs I play the songs that people like and have an attachment to.

“I like to make sure that my performance honours the song and is true to its origins, whilst still giving it my own character.

“It is so rewarding when someone in the crowd comes up and says wow I haven’t heard that song for so long.

“Music is a great memory trigger and can transport people instantly to other times in their lives; I love connecting with my audience, giving them cheek and getting it back.”

Peter’s vocal range has continued to improve over the years with continuing experience which means he has the opportunity to try more interesting and challenging songs.

“I have also gone from just reproducing songs to interpreting them better with voice inflection and guitar improvisation.

“I love being a solo artist but have also recently joined the band D’Fine.

“Being in a band again has rejuvenated my love for the guitar as an instrument not just an accompaniment.

“The guys in D’Fine are all super talented and we are really producing a great sound.

“I can’t wait for the dancing to recommence and we can unleash on the venues.”

To check out Peter’s talents, visit his gigs at Burnett bowls club on November 20, Sugarland Tavern November 28 and The Woodgate Club on December 4.