Playing music everything to Braydon Symes

Braydon Symes has a real passion for performing.

by Angela Norval

For Braydon Symes, some of his earliest memories as a child include music.

Braydon remembers fondly when he was particularly little picking up a guitar and pretending he knew what he was doing.

Thankfully for audiences around Bundaberg he has had a little more practice since then and has really developed his skills with the guitar.

While Braydon can credit Pearl Jam, Mumford and Sons and Hozier as being some of his greatest musical influences, it was thanks to someone a little more local that he found his passion for playing to live audiences.

Braydon’s first time playing live was at the Bundaberg Services Club, thanks to Clinton Honor.

He let Braydon get up and play a few songs for the audience and since then he’s been hooked.

Braydon said while his live music gigs are a bit of a mix featuring everything from Elvis to Ed Sheeran, his favourite part has to be watching everyone enjoy themselves as he plays.

“There is nothing better than watch other people laugh, smile and dance and know it is because of the music I am performing,” he said.

“From when I started to now, I can honestly say my style hasn’t really changed, but, my skills, abilities and equipment have grown, making me who I am today.”

Looking to the future, Braydon is rolling with the mood highlighting that he feels his music will take him where it wants to take him as long as he keeps on top of it/

Until then, there are definitely a lot of local audiences who are more than happy to hear his name on the line up including some busking gigs at the Paradise Markets on November 22 and the Shalom Markets on November 29 and of course the Bundy Young Guns on November 28.